One Scarf Many Ways Part 2!

You loved seeing one scarf tied in multiple ways in the last post… so here is another!  This green silk scarf was a gift from a woman who makes them (I posted about it in one of my first Wrapunzel posts) and it often makes an appearance on my head!  This day was full of bike riding so I had to take my tichel off and tie it again a few times… here goes!

The first tie of the day!
The first tie of the day!
The outfit that went with it (sorry for the fuzziness - haven't figured out my camera for these kinds of shots!)
The outfit that went with it (sorry for the fuzziness – haven’t figured out my camera for these kinds of shots!)

The next tie was an experiment… I have seen gorgeous ties with lots of detail at the top and wanted to try it!  This one was beautiful and I got a lot of compliments, but I personally feel like it didn’t suit my personality and face shape.  Hope that someone else is inspired by it!

And last but not least, I needed to tie something on my head quickly when I got home at night… here is a simple wrap using this stunning silk scarf:

ahhhhh simplicity!
ahhhhh simplicity!

15 thoughts on “One Scarf Many Ways Part 2!

  1. Katharina

    The last wrap is my favourite – I still believe that such a stunning scarf works best plain and simple. A real “wow” scarf!


  2. Beverly Peacock

    The first and third are both lovely…the middle wrap looks as though your bike helmet is underneath. Details please about the Wrapunzel store.


  3. Mirjam

    Love the experiment! Could you post tutorials for it please? I am really wondering how you did the knots at the front???
    I like making experiments too, sometimes it’s nice, sometimes I miss it, but the most important is not to stuck in routine, I think!
    Thanks for sharing all this, I love it!
    By the way ‘hag samea’h from the other side of the Atlantic…


  4. rachel chaya leah

    LOVE so MUCH! I am B”H enjoying learning about “new” styles of tying!
    I only wear teichels and I was “wrapping challenged” until I found your website!
    Now IY”H I can practise and use all my wonderful scarves more elegantly.
    HINT ALERT!! You were asking about storing? I used to use ALDI Tie hangers. These are wooden hangers with 10 holes. 3 scarves per hole is 30! I Just recently went to IKEA and they sell these macramé hangers for 3 dollars. 12 big rings on one hanger. Holds Heaps per hole AND distributes the teichals evenly down to the bottom of the closet. The ALDI tie hangers tend to bunch everything up high and takes up lots of room in the closet.
    These macrame evens out my entire collection. B”H.


    1. Daphne

      Hmmm, I wouldn’t want to get it wrong for anyone else. I just copied photos of a few of the ones you posted and added the paragraph you wrote and printed them out so I can have them next to me. If I write one out for any others, I’ll post it and you can take a look and see if it’s correct before you let it show up in the post. I’m always glad to have your descriptions. Thanks again.


  5. I think what felt weird about the experiment is the angle that was going on with your front details. I wanted a sharper angle, if that makes any sense- with more of a sense of up and down, and less horizontality (I don’t think that’s a word). I’m not sure how you tied it, so I don’t know if it’s possible to inch back that front bit a little or not- if you could, it might solve your problems. Or maybe not. I need to experiment on some other faces than my own…


      1. Daphne

        Thanks Andrea,
        I was poking around on the site yesterday and found a few photos where you explained in a few lines how you did it. I realize that without the tutorial in front of me I forget what you did. I’ve started writing the instructions for myself. That short description in words is a huge help to me. Maybe that would be a help to others?


  6. Rebeckah

    How do you make it look so good! Do you use a volumizer? I have such little hair I might as well have none when it comes to tying it up in a scarf!


  7. Jodi Lindley

    Love the green its stunning and the black looks great to and the last one with a bit of purple. Keep posting I enjoy the suprizers.


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