Signature Colours!

So in case y’all haven’t heard yet, a Wrapunzel Store will be opening soon!  Your demands have been heard – yay!  For now, the blog and the store are being kept separate (most of you requested this) but since Rivka Malka‘s and my life right now is revolving around setting this baby up, many of my wraps are done using our new scarves!

Tichels are generally a hit and miss … and since we will only sell what we wear ourselves, (and for a price we would pay – this one is a toughie!) searching for perfect scarves has been quite an adventure!  Recently one particular scarf arrived which made us gasp in shock and excitement because the colours were simply EPIC!  I wore it yesterday and couldn’t wait to post it!

It’s a one scarf wonder!  What do you think?

We also just sent one of these out to the lucky winner of our recent giveaway.  I can’t wait to see what she does with it!

Side view of colour epic-ness!
Side view of colour epic-ness!

It’s like, all of my favourite colours at once!  And this wrap was so easy to put together (did it without a mirror in much haste!)  Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Signature Colours!

  1. Pauline Roberts

    My thoughts on this scarf is indeed it is stunning. However, I think it takes a certain type of person to be able to carry it off (which you Andrea has done with great aplomb). There is a lot going on colour and pattern wise. I would say it isn’t a scarf that everyone could wear, but for those who can and do; it will look amazing.


  2. Elisheva

    Agreed. Jewel tones with patterns that seem to go with anything from mid-century modernist art to fish-scale motifs. Anxious to see how this one looks opened up. And best of all, love that it doesn’t come with tacky fringe!


  3. Tikva Seinfeld

    Are all your scarves going to be rectangular or some square too? I seem to be only able to wear them square.


  4. Ellen Hope Center

    That scarf is really beautiful. I enjoyed meeting you at my shul . Thanks for being so encouraging@@!!!!! Ellen Hope


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