Wedding Wow!

MAZAL TOV MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED YESTERDAY!!  (Well, two days ago if you don’t go by the Jewish definition of day which starts at sundown.)

Yes, his wife is already lined up to be a Lady Wrap Star!

Here are some unofficial photos what I wore!  Aqua is the bride’s favourite colour 🙂

20 thoughts on “Wedding Wow!

  1. How lovely! I have a VERY similar shawl that has the danglies on it…The same color and everything! I purchased it at a co-op, and love it! Thank you for the idea!


  2. Deborah

    Oooooooohhhhh! Lovely! But I have questions! What does the back look like? What is the silver ornamentation you used. Do we get a tutorial on how to incorporate this in our wraps?


  3. Chava Canales

    Simply lovely, Andrea. Mazal tov to your brother and his beautiful kallah. They should have only happiness and an easy transition into married life.


  4. Catherine Levison

    Pretty !!! Only you could put together such beautiful colors.

    The light blue part of the head-wrap looks ruffled or ruched. Is it?


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