Thursday night! (and FYI)

For those of you that have asked about how-to videos, there is a list of pages on the right sidebar which is all of my 2012 content from youtube and my previous site.  The same links are located in dropdown menus/submenus right beside the “home” button, above.  You’ll find tons of videos and photo tutorials, as well as thoughts, experiences and FAQs.  As well, hank you so much for all the new suggestions so far!  I’m really looking forward to making them happen so keep ’em coming!

tichel scarf flower silk hair head wrap

Here is the scarf that I put on tonight!  (Please note, I will likely not be posting this many updates in the future… I’m just super excited about this new site!)  I was meeting some very important friends, one of whom is getting married this weekend – mazal tov! Here I am wearing a medium silk scarf (with the non-slip velvet headband underneath, of course), and a beautiful flower pin which was given to me by a friend.  My earrings are from the open marketplace in Jerusalem 🙂

So tell us; what do you think?

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