First Workshop – YAY!

On Wednesday night, I was able to teach my first workshop so other women could have a hands-on hair wrapping experience!  We had a great time together and I learned a lot from every single participant.  Here are a few of the photos that were taken during the evening (next time we’ll take more – promise!) These women look stunning!


It was wonderful to be able to share ideas with friends, and get to know some new faces (one woman drove 4 hours so we could meet each other!)  I am looking forward to many more events like this in the future.  Next time, we can hopefully make a video of the class 🙂

hair wrapping workshop andrea grinberg teaching wrapunzel

11 thoughts on “First Workshop – YAY!

      1. lzbthcldwll

        As a bigger girl myself I find that bigger “hair” feels balanced to me. If I wear scarves without a good volumizer or with inadequate layers I feel a bit like a pinhead. LOL


  1. Stephanie

    That was SO MUCH FUN!! and totally worth the drive 😀 Loved meeting all those fabulous ladies and trying some things that i wasn’t so sure about.


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