Thursday’s Wrap ~*~

scarf head wrap tichel pin layered

Today I am wearing a long turquoise/black/green scarf wrapped turban-style (or what I call a “regal wrap”).  I layered a grey cotton with silver threads scarf on top and wrapped the ends up together.  To finish it off, a peacock feather pin given to me by a very special friend and silver hoop earrings!

4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Wrap ~*~

  1. It´s so lovely both blogs. I found about your story on the youtube, and add all (blogs, vlogs and facebook´s page). Someday I´ll try to wrap my hair in Rio´s summer – my hair is very long (or I should say big?), and the wheather is too hot this days. And it´s so beautiful the wrapping. I wil add this new space to my list. 🙂 Bye!


  2. Sara

    Beautiful! are your website and new blog. I want to ask about pins. I find that the ‘pin’ part of pins are too thick to go through clothing without ruining them, let alone scarves! How to you manage not to ruin fabric with a pin that is thick? Thank you.


    1. Hi Sara – that’s such an important question! I really do have to be careful to select pins that are very sharp and have thin “pokey” parts. I find they work best on my textured scarves… the thick ones, pashmina ones, and generally the ones with a larger weave hide the holes MUCH better than any of my clothes ever have. In terms of silky/thin scarves, I try to avoid pins and instead use ones that have a claw clip (like the ones meant to go in your hair). Let me know if this helps!


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