My new favourite!

Yes, I spell “favourite” with a “U”;  I’m Canadian, eh!

I was recently inspired by this video and wanted to try the wrap.  I was all ready to use my new sparkly brown scarf for it, but when I attempted the tie, I found the ends were much too long and heavy for it to work.  So, I made an adjustment and wrapped the longer end around my head once again (with a slight twist) and tucked it under the knot once I had brought it around.  Sounds complicated? It’s not.  Let me know if you would like a tutorial!

I finished off the look with a beautiful pin and was ready to face the day.  I got many more comments about my wrap than I am used to… so I consider this one a success!

Let’s get fancy

I am loving this multi-tonal, sparkly, sheer scarf that I recently found!  To achieve the braid at the back, I put on the white scarf first, then the black over, and then blue one on top.  All the scarves had one end short and one end long.  Once they were all tied back, I braided the longer ones and brought them over the bun, securing them with an elastic to the shorter ends.  Then I covered the elastic with a pretty flower pin!

Thursday’s Wrap ~*~

scarf head wrap tichel pin layered

Today I am wearing a long turquoise/black/green scarf wrapped turban-style (or what I call a “regal wrap”).  I layered a grey cotton with silver threads scarf on top and wrapped the ends up together.  To finish it off, a peacock feather pin given to me by a very special friend and silver hoop earrings!