My new favourite!

Yes, I spell “favourite” with a “U”;  I’m Canadian, eh!

I was recently inspired by this video and wanted to try the wrap.  I was all ready to use my new sparkly brown scarf for it, but when I attempted the tie, I found the ends were much too long and heavy for it to work.  So, I made an adjustment and wrapped the longer end around my head once again (with a slight twist) and tucked it under the knot once I had brought it around.  Sounds complicated? It’s not.  Let me know if you would like a tutorial!

I finished off the look with a beautiful pin and was ready to face the day.  I got many more comments about my wrap than I am used to… so I consider this one a success!

6 thoughts on “My new favourite!

  1. Sharon

    Lovely! I wore a brown scarf yesterday with a green techel. Maybe I will try this one today. I was thinking about taking a trip to the fabric store this summer to see what kinds of fabrics would make good scarfs. I had a skirt in my closet that I wasn’t wearing because it was too big and baggy. I cut out a scarf sized square and it worked wonderful for a wrap! The colors were dark/light blue, cream, brown, and tan. I’ll have to take a picture and post it. I’ve been so busy lately!


  2. Katharina

    This looks very elegant! Yes, tutorials, please! 😉

    It just seems you can wear anything on your head and look like a queen – I don’t dare yet to give it a try…


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