Try Something New!

Inspired by a dress and scarf  that I always had trouble matching, I decided to put together a gorgeous wrap with hues of grey, black, silver sparkles, and blue.  The results were wonderful and surprising… what do you think?  What colour combinations have you tried that surprised you?

5 thoughts on “Try Something New!

  1. Stephanie

    love it! my fav recently has been bright colors like yellows and coral, combined a coral w/ a light yellow was pretty then added a pop of gold and ta-da instant wrapunzel star 😀


  2. Chaya Frieda

    Such a beautiful combination! I very recently found your blog and am so inspired by it. I’m not married yet, but seeing your creativity and dedication to covering your hair gives me so much nachas! I also love the Wrap Stars of the Week segments. May you merit many brochos and simchas!!


  3. angelit

    beautiful combination. Because of you I find it easier to cover the my head and do it gladly, And the compliments do not stop coming! Most of my friends who are married already follow your the blog. So thank you very much and i’m sure you will continue to inspire us …i Would love to have the tutorial of this look, it’s great!


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