Wrapunzeled in Lace!

Hi, it’s Rachel here and I must say that when we chose this past week’s theme for our Challenge of the Week (COTW), I was not as excited as I had been during weekly challenges of the past. While lace certainly is beautiful (and there are many women who wear it oh, so effortlessly!), I have never felt that it was really “me,” which led to nervousness about how I would be able to participate in #wrapunzeledinlace.  (keep scrolling down to continue)

” I love how these weekly themes challenge me to get away from my comfort zone and try different things, even if they’re not exactly radical.” – Judy S. (fangroup member)

As Judy so eloquently stated, these challenges were designed to help encourage us to wrap outside of our comfort zones, try something new and feed our inner creativity, all at the same time. While there is no one technique, color or texture that works for every single woman and her unique beauty (What’s simple to one, might be challenging to the next!), learning through experimentation helps refine our style and can sometimes lead to the discovery of a new favorite; one which might not have been otherwise revealed!

This week, our fangroup had many women who, like myself, enjoyed seeing others wrap with these deliciously delicate fabrics, yet were not fans of wearing lace themselves. Despite this, each participant gave it their all, which was truly a pleasure to see! Experienced lace-wearers and newbies, all sharing ideas and creativity, side-by-side. The beauty of the Wrapunzel community was so very evident to us all!

While I can’t speak for all of those who struggled with this particular challenge, what I can tell you is this: I have officially out-grown my bizarre, self-induced lace-phobia and will definitely be adding it to my wraps more frequently! However, if it weren’t for my participation in our Challenge of the Week, I would have likely remained in my own little lace-free bubble, sticking to my relatively “safe” tichels and not having the guts to try such a gorgeous, feminine fabric, to be sure! Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

For this coming week’s Challenge of the Week, we’ve decided on a theme inspired by a specific fangroup member (Thanks, Rachel C.D.!). One that will honor growth, change, creativity and celebrate the upcoming New Year. But most of all, it will honor each woman’s beauty and individuality! To see what I mean, check out the video below:

Would you like to be featured in next week’s collage? Head on over to the Wrapunzel Fangroup and share your pictures using the hashtag #wrapunzel2015 . If you would also like one photo featured on next week’s blog post, make sure to also post it in the comments on the pinned post at the top of the Fangroup page, so we know to share it. We can accept 1 headshot-style photo per person – no collages, please! If you’re not on Facebook, you can also email us your pictures with the subject line “Challenge of the Week.” Can’t wait to see what you create!!

A New Method for Pleating


Hi ladies, it’s Rachel here and I’m super excited to be able to share this brand new tutorial with you today! Many of you have probably seen Naomi Rose’s incredible video called Perfect Pleating, where, using painstaking detail, she shows us how to create the most perfect pleats ever (I’m not even exaggerating!) with step-by-step instruction. Her video is a must-watch for tichel wearers, yet despite Naomi’s meticulous attention to detail, many women still find creating pleats to be a challenging task. Until somewhat recently, I was included in that group and through experimentation with various ties, have come up with an alternative method to pleating, which I’m hoping will be helpful for some of you, who might be struggling like I have!

Like Naomi’s, this method will work if you need one pleat or many, but is not compatible with the One-scarf Zig-Zag wrap. You can check it out right here:

Have you developed your own method to creating pleats? What works for you? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Wrapunzel Uplifted! (and this week’s challenge)

Wow! Wow! Wow! Ladies, we were blown away by the seriously amazing Challenge of The Week submissions we received for #wrapunzeluplifted! Switching to a theme that wasn’t so black and white was one that we suspected might be difficult for some, but you all responded to it beautifully and we are thrilled to be able to share so many amazing photos, along with deeply personal messages from women far and wide!

To join in next week, check out the directions at the bottom of this post. Thank you everyone for your wonderful submissions!

Bonus: This week’s collages contains one woman wearing festive lights. Plus, two submissions from a very young wrapper! Can you find them? 

catherine L. moffatt-bush

I had been interested in covering and covered part time since 2011. After my second child was born I have had a terrible time managing depression and anxiety. In June 2015 I took the plunge to cover full time. Amazingly it has helped tremendously. Not only have I been able to manage better, I have been starting to feel like my old self for the first time in a long time. Wrapping has helped me toward the path of finding myself again. #wrapunzeluplifted – Catherine L.


emily bingham

#wrapunzeleduplifted My wrapping journey has been a lonely one. I cover in an area where for years I was the only lady who did so. I also had no support from extended family in my decision. It was heart-wrenching, difficult, and fearful at times. However, finding this group helped diminish the fear, and helped me to see myself as I truly am and to hold true to my personal convictions. And even though the same circumstances are there – (a community that does not cover and a non-supportive extended family) I am able to now see myself as a light in the world I live in. I wear my crown as a Queen and feel honored to cover. I wouldn’t be where I am in my covering journey if it wasn’t for this group! So, I am uplifted every time I come here. – Emily B.

Yasmin Diab

#wrapunzeluplifted I’ve been struggling with depression my whole life. Its especially bad arounf the holidays, and worsened by the fact that tomorrow is 1 year ago that my best friend of 16 years passed away. However. When i wrapped Monday night, i was able to smile…to genuinely smile. I felt vibrant and happy, and comforted. Definitely an uplifting experience. – Yasmin D.

Mina Vaughan

I want to share my #wrapunzeluplifted story. October 2014 my doctors found a brain tumor that I’ve had most my life that hadn’t been detected. I was devastated when the doctors suggested radiation to treat the tumor, I knew losing my hair was a great possibility. I’m a third generation hair dresser, I felt like a failure being in the beauty industry without hair. I also battled demons of not being able to have a baby with my husband, we tried for 5 years with intense fertility treatments with no answers. I was told because of the tumor it wouldn’t be possible, I could die or the baby would. After a few courses of radiation the sickness was tearing me apart emotionally and physically. I fell into an ever deeper depression not knowing if it would ever get better. I learned that the sickness was actually Hyper emesis. Happiest day of my life! I was so sick because I was pregnant! The radiation had shrunk the tumor to a point that my body resumed normal hormone production without me noticing! Shortly after I found out I was lucky enough to stumble upon Wrapunzel and the wonderful community and sisterhood. Everyday looking forward to seeing all the wraps, good news and encouragement really helped me get through 37 weeks of hospitalizations, medical treatments and numerous close calls. Every Time I wrapped I felt more human and it gave me strength to continue. Losing my hair was devastating at the time but it led me to find something even more beautiful and inspiring. Instead of just doing my hair and making myself look good, now I am making myself look and feel good about myself. Something I plan on continuing with myself, others and with my new daughter! Olivia was born last Friday (12/11/15) with no complications! I am so blessed to be given this opportunity. It was a hard, but with the encouragement of this group I was able to see it as the blessing it truly is! I want to thank each and everyone of you! I look forward to the pictures, stories and daily inspiration! You all are truly my #wrapunzeluplifted


I wore it on Tuesday, when at first I felt quite bad about myself. While getting dressed I first thought stuff like: “There’s no use putting on a beautiful scarf. You’re lazy and lethargic and ugly anyway, you know?” – the usual things so many of us would never say to someone else because it’s obvious that it’s neither fair nor true, but that somehow seems okay to say to oneself. But then I remembered your motto for the week and managed to tell those thoughts to be quiet and put on one of my favourite scarves: the Watercolour Dream, which has an amazingly soothing effect on me. And I added the red one because red and teal is a colour combination that rarely fails at cheering me up. And it really made me feel better that day. So thank you for that challenge of the week! It came at a perfect time for me!:) – Sandra

Sheryl Gelatt

Had a rough exhausting day Friday and then needed to vend at a holiday event. As I finished my wrap #onescarfchallenge, after a tieing tantrum, and saw the results… #wrapunzeluplifted! My mood lifted, I made the booth fee and made enough to buy the matching bracelet. Before wrapunzel (the tutorials and the amazing community) I would have felt tired and ugly and grumpy and probably would have had a correspondingly poor evening. Thank you all for helping me accept that I matter, that I am beautiful, and that being an island doesn’t have to be lonely! – Sheryl G.


#wrapunzeluplifted because I have grave’s disease and my one eye sticks out farther than the other and my hair is thinning a little bit and I’ve struggled with feeling beautiful…bright colors like my pink pashmina and gold shimmery make me feel pretty and feminine again. wrapping makes me feel uplifted! – Ireri C.

For this week’s challenge, we’ve decided to visit an ancient fabric. One that’s delicate and holds great beauty to many. A poem about this fabric and Queen Anne was once penned by William Carlos Williams! Check out the video below:

Would you like to be featured in next week’s collage? Head on over to the Wrapunzel Fangroup and share your pictures using the hashtag #wrapunzeledinlace . If you would also like them featured on next week’s blog post, make sure to also post them in the comments on the pinned post at the top of the Fangroup page, so we know to share them. We can accept up to 5 headshot-style photos per person – no collages, please! If you’re not on Facebook, you can also email us your pictures with the subject line “Challenge of the Week.” Can’t wait to see what you create!!

Tichels = Migraine Relief?

I (Andrea) have experienced time and time again that when one knows how to wrap and hit certain pressure points, that tichel tying can actually help get rid of migraines!  This might seem contrary to what some have experienced, which is that wrapping can cause headaches.  How can this be?

I addressed many of these concerns and shared my tips and tricks in this video.

Now we have even more to share on this!  Enter Alexi, who has taken stunning photos that show her techniques on how to wrap for migraine relief!


Alexi speaks:
“Migraine days can mean canceling plans, hiding in a dark room, and feeling trapped in your pain. If you’re like me, sleeping it off or even staying in bed for the day isn’t an option. While most migraine days, I want nothing on my head, when I remember to wrap, I’m armed with something that can help ease some of the pain. Try to keep your shoulders relaxed and your head heavy while trying these three techniques. Start by tying a tichel just once behind your neck. You can get away with criss cross instead of a knot, but you will likely experience slipping in doing so. When your head hurts, a knot seems like a big no no, but go with me here. No need to make it tight. Just secure the tichel. There are three different areas I try pressure on. I find best results when I lay down to do this, especially if I can get my husband or an older child to do this while I lay down. The first area is the back of the neck at the top/low on the skull. Pull the tails up and you will feel that tie sort of take the weight of your head. (By the way, these feels great every morning when I wrap, even if I’m not experiencing a migraine). It sort of gives traction on the neck at the same time as it supports the head. The next two are similar. You want to cross the tails in the front and position them over your forehead or the top of your head. Pull them tight as they give your head a squeeze/hug of pressure. All three of these I do for just about five seconds at a time and repeat a few times. This doesn’t take a migraine away, but it definitely helps alleviate some of the pain at the peak of a migraine, and has helped me ward off nausea. If you experience migraines, please schedule an appointment with a medical professional to help you find ways to prevent them. Also, if you feel your experiencing a medical emergency, get to an emergency facility or call for an ambulance right away. In the ER, the tail of a dark tichel can help shield your eyes from light or wrap over your ears to soften loud noises.”

I hope this helps, ladies.
Love and Light, Alexi

Wrapunzeled in Teal and a brand new Challenge of the Week!

Due to the holiday, we took a week off from Color of the Week, while enjoying time with our families. Here’s the long awaited Color of the Week collage from November! We loved seeing everyone #wrapunzeledinteal. To join in next week, check out the directions (and next week’s surprise!) at the bottom of the post! Thank you everyone for your wonderful submissions!

For this week’s challenge, we’ve decided to try something new. We frequently speak and write about the effect color can have on our moods and how we can grow personally from our tichel choices. This week’s challenge will allow us to think less about the external, and more about other more internal, positive ways in which head covering can inspire. Check out the video below:

Uplifting tichels are where it’s at! We’re not only looking forward to seeing all of your fabulous photos, but also hearing all about how your tichels manage to uplift you!

Would you like to be featured in next week’s collage? Head on over to the Wrapunzel Fangroup and share your pictures using the hashtag #wrapunzeluplifted, along with how your tichel is uplifting. If you would also like them featured on next week’s blog post, make sure to also post them in the comments on the pinned post at the top of the Fangroup page, so we know to share them. We can accept up to 5 headshot-style photos per person – no collages, please! If you’re not on Facebook, you can also email us your pictures with the subject line “Challenge of the Week.” Can’t wait to see what you create!!

Turbo Turbanorama!

Rachel is bbbaaaacccckkkk with not one, but TWO turban tutorials!  She’s a true turbanista!

Seriously, how does she do it?  Even though this style isn’t for everyone, they’re definitely simple enough for everyone to try at least once!  And with the “Favorite Tshirt Tichel”… just… wooooot!!  Gotta go try these now!


Playin’ Ketchup (Catch-up!)

Hi Ladies!!

I’ve been all over the place lately, and my tichels have been with me!  Here are some scarves/outfits that I’ve been loving:

Shabbat preparation day in Far Rockaway:

Above, I’m wearing my Fantasy Garden tichel with a matching outfit!

Shabbat before/after in Far Rockaway:

I’m wearing a Sari that Rachel E. picked out especially for me, (her words, “if I were to see this sari scarf, I would think, ‘Andrea’!”), a cream shimmery, and empress circlet.  I basically did the same wrap for the evening as I did for the day, except with tails up, and in the last photo, my son is grabbing my foot!


My husband and I went to our first Thanksgiving dinner!  (He’s Israeli and I’m Canadian.)  I loved wearing these fall colors for the occasion.  A teal “favorite tshirt” tichel, an orange NYB, and gold roses headband.  My skirt is a recent find; it’s super old and I just unearthed it during a recent family visit!  (And it was perfect for the meal because I could expand the waist😛 )

Rainy Day (Today):

I’m loving these embracing textures on a rainy day… and yes, that is a ‘COMFORT’ on my head that you’re seeing!  I found more!  Look for them on the store site soon!  (And yes we are getting more skirts too!)

I love how wearing happy, enlightening colors just lifts my mood.  Hope you are all able to do the same for yourselves!

Hope you enjoyed these!  Sending so much love to you all!

xx Andrea