FINALLY! Daily Tichel from Andrea!

Hi Everyone!!

Long time no see!  It actually feels a bit strange for me to post my daily tichel looks on here, with the fangroup being so active, the facebook pages and instagram being so easy to post on etc., but some of you have told me that you really miss my blogging here so I will make sure to do it here once in a while!  It’s so wonderful to see how far Wrapunzel has come – and to remember that I used to post my tichel looks on here daily back when it seemed like I was the only one wrapping!  Wow!

Today’s Tichel

Today I wore a Shimmery (the light teal) and Shiny Licious (bronze) together.  One of our most asked questions is what the difference is between these two scarves… and because they go so beautifully together (and sound similar) often it can be confusing!  Rachel answers this question here, but you can also see on my head the difference between the two 🙂

Love this side knot – not really sure how I did it but the best things happen unexpectedly, right?!

I absolutely loved this color combination.  These are both colors that I wear (brown and teal) but in shades that I normally don’t wear – aka lighter.  I’m really glad I decided to try it out and these colors called to me this morning!  I have no idea what kind of wrap this is… it just kinda happened!

And a classy criss-cross top!

Hope you are all doing well and enjoyed this post!  It’s certainly nice to be posting on the blog again.  Sending love to you and yours, wherever you are!

Love, Andrea

12 thoughts on “FINALLY! Daily Tichel from Andrea!

  1. Sandra

    Oh wow, you look adorable!
    And thank you for posting here again! 🙂 I’m one of those who are not on Facebook, and I’ve really missed the blog posts.


  2. Diane

    Hi Andrea, I have really missed your blogs here. I do not use Facebook and never will. So, please post on your blog more often. I love seeing Rachel but I miss not seeing you. Also, we Naomi Rose used to post on the blog more often. I miss her too.

    Please remember that many of us refuse to use Facebook and so it’s hard knowing we don’t have connection with you anymore.

    It’s the same with people I thought were friends. Since they no post to Facebook,mi no longer receive emails and have lost connection with them. I feel if they really cared they would continue to email me or like you get back on your blog. Please don’t forget us here on your blog.

    I really missed you and even began to wonder if you are still active with Wrapunzel.
    Thanks for finally remembering us on the blog.


  3. Wow! An amazing colour combination! I absolutely love it! You look gorgious! Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is always inspirational, refreshing and joyful to stop by this blog!


  4. Rae

    Also not on facebook, always checking the blog for new posts… It’s been so quiet I have been missing the inspiration. Like many, I have no plans to be on facebook for various reasons so please keep up the posts.


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