Wrapunzel Challenge: Unexpected Tichels!

Wrapunzel - Unexpected2

Helloooo, ladies! Summer is a busy time for so many and after a few requests, we decided to give you all an extra week with #wrapunzelunexpected. This week’s collage highlights all sorts of unexpected combinations and styles of headwrapping! Some chose to mix patterns or colors they would not normally have put together, while others donned styles that they previously did not believe would work for them. We loved seeing all the ways women chose to express their creativity and have fun!

*Be sure to scroll down to the end of this post to learn the next Wrapunzel Challenge theme!

Ready to learn the theme of the next Wrapunzel Challenge? Check out the reveal video below!

Would you like to participate in the next Wrapunzel Challenge? Head on over to the Wrapunzel Fangroup and share your pictures using the hashtag #reallifewrapunzel. If you would also like them featured on the next bi-weekly blog post, make sure to also post them in the comments on the pinned post at the top of the Fangroup page, so we know to share them. We can accept up to 2 headshot-style photos per person– no collages, please! If you’re not on Facebook, you can also email your pictures to us at wrapunzelthestore@gmail.com with the subject line “Challenge of the Week. Instagram users can DM them to us, too at our Wrapunzel_Ladies account! Can’t wait to see what you create!!

2 thoughts on “Wrapunzel Challenge: Unexpected Tichels!

  1. Diane

    What is the date that they will be posted? If it’s biweekly, will it be on August 21st?
    This sounds quite interesting. I guess real life also include what I wear doing laundry and cleaning or when going to the supermarket?


    1. Rachel

      Hi, Diane. So sorry I’m just seeing your response! The #reallifewrapunzel collage and reveal for our next challenge will be posted later today. 🙂


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