The Wrapunzel Challenge Update!

Hello, world! Did you participate in the Wrapunzel 31 Day Challenge? It was simple, really. For the entire month of May, participants tried a new wrap style every single day, with the end result of both experimentation and fun! Most of us weren’t able to follow along with all of the different styles, but a few ladies from our glorious Fangroup not only stood up to the challenge, but documented their journeys in collage form, as well. Click on Sami, Beth and Diane’s collages below:


Amazing, right?! This challenge can be done on your own during any time of year, but we definitely intend to revisit it again in the future. Did you all have fun? We sure did!

As we jump back into our bi-weekly challenges, this next theme is one that Andrea, in particular, is absolutely THRILLED about. A classic tichel style that was one of the first she ever made a tutorial for – way back before Wrapunzel even existed!  What is it, might you ask? ……drumroll……. BRAIDS! Tichel braids! With so many ways to tie ’em, we’re sure to see a virtual avalanche of unique wraps and amazing styles. Yay!!!!

Would you like to participate in the next Wrapunzel Challenge? Head on over to the Wrapunzel Fangroup and share your pictures using the hashtag #wrapunzeledinbraids. If you would also like them featured on the next bi-weekly blog post, make sure to also post them in the comments on the pinned post at the top of the Fangroup page, so we know to share them. We can accept up to 2 headshot-style photos per person– no collages, please! If you’re not on Facebook, you can also email your pictures to us at with the subject line “Challenge of the Week. Instagram users can DM them to us, too at our Wrapunzel_Ladies account! Can’t wait to see what you create!!

Need some ideas for ways to braid your scarves? The following tutorials have got you covered!


2 thoughts on “The Wrapunzel Challenge Update!

  1. Diane


    It does sound like an interesting challenge, but I have never had any luck with braids. It just hasn’t worked out for me. I’ve tried the videos, and it seems easy until I try it and aakkk! After half an hour, I give up. I guess I just don’t get the long ends the right way, or I my neck can’t take the weight towards the back of my head even with a shaper. And, doesn’t work for me at all without a shaper.

    I like having tails hanging down and hate putting it all up and trying to tuck it under which just adds to the pressure on my head. There are 2-4 wraps that I use ALL the time. I’ll watch the videos, but when it comes to actually doing it, I get messed up. And, it’s worse for Shabbat, since if I don’t remember, I can’t play the video on Shabbat:)

    So, out of frustration, I end up doing something I know works. And, also, if I take too long, my husband gets upset that it is taking me too long. I couldn’t get the waterfall to work at all! And, since we were traveling during part of May, and we had to be on the road by 4am! Oy…..

    So, are there any basic tips or secrets to doing the braids that hang down like a tail that would be easy to remember without having to watch the video over and over?

    Thanks for any help and suggestions either from you, Rachel or anyone else.


    1. Rachel

      Hi, Diane! You’re definitely not the only wrapper who struggles with this! It was only recently that I was FINALLY able to achieve a double braid and that was with modifications. What I did was to first tie the braids VERY loosely, which resulted in a longer braid to bring over my head (eliminating the problem of not having enough fringe leftover to tuck). To achieve a tail, I wrapped the second braid around behind the first one and then near the ear on the opposite side of my head, tucked the ends through the other braid, so that they hung down from the front. This method worked quite well!


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