Look ma – no shaper!!

Many of you have been asking for fancy styles that are possible without the shaper, so I’ve been experimenting for you!  Here’s the lowdown: if you like a lot of volume by your face, prefer a less layered look, and don’t care if the bun part of your head is either not there or small, then you don’t need a shaper.  However, if (like me) you don’t benefit from having lots of volume by your face and like to do lots of layering (just not right on top of your head), then a shaper is a must!  I have, however, really enjoyed experimenting with having more volume/layers around my face… but I’m realizing that it’s just not the best look for me!  Luckily I do have enough hair to allow me to do some layering at the back, but not enough for my taste.  I was asked today, by someone that sells mitpachot, what kind of shaper I’m wearing, so maybe I’m just biased – what do you think?

Here I am wearing two ombre 2 in 1s and one regular navy 2 in 1:

It was definitely harder to keep the layers neat without the shaper!  On first try, the tichel itself looked good but *I* didn’t because there was so much layering around my face!  On second try I was able to move the layers back a bit, but the result wasn’t as easy and neat as when I have the shaper to wrap around.

And here I am wearing just a gold shimmery!  This is actually something I really liked, and I definitely got approval from my mother in law! It looked so fancy yet was so easy – thoughts?

15 thoughts on “Look ma – no shaper!!

  1. Tovah Hofler

    They both look good especially the gold one, but it looks better with the shaper. When I don’t use a shaper I put the large velvet scrunchie around my bun(only once, do not double, leave the scrunchie loose). I find it gives a little more volume and I will sometimes use one long end of my scarf to stuff up inside for more volume, also.


  2. The gold shimmery looks stunning! I love the less formal look of the layered scarves too:)
    The shaper is lovely and I enjoy mine for a structured look, especially with the heavier winter fabrics but sometimes I want a softer, more relaxed look and can get this easier without the shaper. Also, it gets very hot and humid in the summers here and the extra layers are just too hot!
    I love the beautiful ideas you bring us. Thank you so much. You are an inspiration:)


  3. Chanah

    I think for you, the shaper gives you a better rounded look, especially in profile. I myself don’t wear the shaper. I prefer to put my hair in a high pony tail with the big scrunchie, and tie a cotton square scarf in a bun, an there is my “shaper.” On the other hand, I am not very much into layering, so I think it works for me.


  4. Andrea quite honestly you look good in pretty much everything. IMO you and Rivka Malka just have those kind of faces!
    Seems to me that the shaper can make things easier. For me, wearing layers in the warm weather doesn’t make me happy, so i’m sporting less volume than in the cooler months/climes.


  5. I’ve bought several shapers, and I just can’t seem to get them to work. I think the structure of my neck doesn’t like them, because I always feel tense around my neck and shoulders, no matter how I tie my scarves. I’ve taken Malka’s advice and tried to lift the fabric up and away from my shoulders instead of pulling down, but it doesn’t make much difference.
    On my next order I’ll get a couple of the big scrunchies, and see if that works for me. (of course there will be a “next order”, because I am ADDICTED to your website!)


  6. EA

    I like seeing wraps which can work without a volumizer. After years with long hair (which was anyway too thin to create much volume) I got a shorter haircut which I love so I’m interested in wraps which work over my short hair. The volumizer helps create really pretty wraps, but there is something “real” I like about not wearing one. Also it’s too hot where I am to want any extra layers of anything on my head.


  7. djordanb

    Hi Andrea,
    I’m not sure if you still check comments from older posts. Can you tell me if the Emerald Green on Green wrap has a name and if there’s a tutorial? I thought I knew what you did but my ends are…ending up much longer. Thank you. I keep looking at it because it’s so beautiful and I’d love it to be one of my regular wraps. If there’s no tutorial, would you make one please? I bought both scarves from Wrapunzel!


  8. Velma JOnes

    I too would like to see more styles without a shaper since the weather is getting warmer. Though I LOVE my shaper, I am always hot. Being African-American with very compact curly hair AND now with alopecia, I live in my shaper. But sometimes I would like to try something other than the Dutch Crown.


  9. Rae

    for volume without a volumizer I wear a square israeli tichel underneath with the ends tucked in with a scrunchy this is plenty of volume alone or with a more fancy wrap over, or I tie a simple bun with a long scarf tied in the middle at the back and stuff one end all in under everything and the other end wraps around the bun. I agree with other posters that sometimes the volumizer is more bulk and stuff on my head than I feel physically up for or too much of a “look”. I tend to save it for shabbos or special days when I want to get more creative with scarves. For every day I tend towards less volume and simpler ties. Also check out the “cool summer flower” tutorial. I love this wrap and it needs no volume.


  10. Mirjam

    Hi! I never use shapers, I even don’t have one! Just make a bun, tie a tichel (thick enough!) around it, and you have a perfect shape with your wrap! For the bun, I even don’t use a bobby pin, I found on youtube a video showing how to make a bun just with hair (if it’s long enough, it’s working). No pin, no shaper, perfect wrap without headeaches! But the MUST have: a non-slip-headband. Shalom and love from France, Mirjam.


    1. Mirjam, thanks so much for this tip. I don’t own shapers either. My hair is not very long, so if I wrap more than 2 tichels, it always falls off my head and I had to run away and put it on. Not good, you know.


  11. First of all I would like to say how much I adore and appreciate the wrapunzel blog and online wrapping community! I am new to wrapping in public (just passed the one month mark) but I have a quick tip for women with medium to long hair who would like to wear their wraps without a shaper/volumizer. I don’t own a volumizer (although I recently ordered my very first no slip headband and am super excited waiting for it to arrive!) so what I have been doing is continuing to wear my “go to bun” from before I started wrapping in public, only now I cover it with my tichel. It works perfectly and gives a similar look to a wrap that the signature shaper seems to (I’m making that comparison strictly from stalking the wrapunzel blog photos). The bun is a “flower bun” and has the added benefit of being a no heat way to curl your hair if done while the hair is damp. If it would be helpful I could try and explain how to do it (it’s really quick and easy once you get the hang of it) God bless and keep you!


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