The DB Goes Higher!!

Hi Everyone!  I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do the double braid so it doesn’t just sit like a low bun (not flattering on everyone’s face shape), and have figured it out!  You just need to wear your shaper/bun much higher, and when braiding, make the braid loose so it’s longer.  I suppose you could skip this step if you can find super long scarves, but I prefer using traditional length scarves so wanted to find a way using these!

Check it out!  I actually rewrapped it after taking these photos and now it’s even higher than this!!  Woohoo!
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

It is SUPER hot and humid today in Jerusalem (39 C /102 F)… so I’m wearing a floaty skirt and of course my tichel is off of my neck!  Thank Gd, with staying in the shade and drinking lots of ice water I so far haven’t melted!

17 thoughts on “The DB Goes Higher!!

  1. Kristiina K.

    I have also noticed that shaping a volumizer with a thin scarf helps, with that I can lift my volumizer bun higher when needed. I use a very thin, non-slippery silk triangle scarf – DIY scarf bought from a scrap fabric bin – between a volumizer and top scarves, it gives a smooth shape. (Maybe it is because of my very short neck, I have somehow naturally lifted my hair and now my scarves higher away from my neck.)

    And I like the way these braided tails look like a crown when they are worn high 🙂


  2. madcapy

    I adore that skirt, amazing combination of colours that compliment the outfit. Now all I have to do is be as slim and young as you Andrea and I will have cracked it;-)


  3. Laurel

    OK Question: when you say “…if you can find super long scarves”, can you pls tell those of us who want to MAKE our scarves by purchasing fabrics at fabric stores, what length (in inches or yards) is ‘super long’? I bought fabrics recently and when the salesperson asked me how many yards I needed, I wasn’t quite sure! The fabrics were 44″ wide, but I’d like to know a rule-of-thumb for how many yards to order (e.g., 1.5 yards; 2 yards). Thanks!


    1. I would do about 2.5 yards…two would be 72 inches…add 18 more to that world be 90 inches…just depends on how Lon you want it…


    2. I was thinking of buying fabric and knew that 1.5 yards is good for a scarf, but for a long scarf you may want to double that. Keep in mind that most scarves are 22″ wide and 68″-70″ long, so if you buy a 44″ you can cut it in half and put a seam in it to make a longer scarf.


  4. Sarie

    Wow- are you in Nachlaot? It looks like you’re facing HaKarmel from the marpeset. I’m wondering because the building to your left looks so much like a place I used to live there.

    Also, the tichel, as always, is beautiful 😉


  5. Batya Steinherz

    Andrea, do you think you would want to do a workshop in Ramat Bet Shemesh if I could get some women together and if you are still here in E”Y? I get so much inspiration from you and have directed so many women to your blog so it would be really amazing if we could get it together,
    Thanks for all the inspiration,
    Batya Steinherz


  6. Oh! How pleasant to have sun, even if the degrees are a little too high. Up here in England, we still have our heating on and can’t risk going out without a cardigan at hand. Does the double wrap make your head hotter, or is there not much difference? I suppose it prevents your hair from drying out by the intense rays from the sun. Thanks for yet another great post.


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