Fancy Wraps!

Here are two fancier wraps that I’ve been experimenting with, both with the same pin!  The first is using a sari scarf and a very thin Israeli tichel underneath!

The second was using a green silky scarf and some black, sparkly sashes that I simply love!  It was a new discovery to see how the pin secured everything together!
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

15 thoughts on “Fancy Wraps!

  1. Mollie Batya

    THAT GREEN DESIGN IS GORGEOUS! I want that immediately on my head just the way you did it. I LOVE the deep greens and purples you have in collections (plus that pin is like my peridot birthstone!)


  2. Mirjam

    It’s wonderfull, but I am wondering how you did the green one… Could you post a “how-to video” to show how you organize the sashes so well, please?


  3. Shemen Sason

    I think the smile wins! The inner happiness really finishes the style! 🙂
    I especially love the colors on the first one shown!
    And, I like videos, too! Could you, pretty please? 🙂


  4. Tana

    Would love 2 things! A tutorial for both, and if you could please sell these as one of your tichel kits!!! It would be really helpful for those of us new to this beautiful way of covering your hair!


  5. wraptastica

    Andrea can you show us how you did this green/black/gold wrap? It looks amazing! I would like to use pins/brooches but I’m not sure how you did this one. Very elegant.


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