Warm & Connected

There is something just so… warm about this wrap!  The soft fabric just works and something about it feels so natural!  I can’t put my finger on it, but I know this is one of my new favourites that will be worn again and again!

Wrapunzel Tichel Andrea Grinberg

Have you ever had that happen to you?  Have you ever created a wrap that is just so *you* and you can’t quite figure out why?

15 thoughts on “Warm & Connected

  1. Paulina

    On a cold rainy day I started playing around with a dark red pashmina I like a lot but had never worn on my head before. I tried the last wrap in your pashmina tutorial and suddenly, I don’t know why, I felt “warm and connected”, as you said in your post. So, thanks for the inspiration and for the tutorial. By the way, I really like your shop section. I think you and Rivka Malka are doing a great job. Just looking at the pictures is a pleasure. Thanks again to you and Rivka Malka.


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