Wrapunzel in the Kitchen!

My husband snapped this photo as I did dishes at the end of a busy, magical day.  I was very happy with this outfit choice!  (Earlier in the day I was wearing a shorter light blue skirt, but switched to the grey later for cello playing!)
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

The tichel I wore was a happy experiment!  I am really enjoying using pins to create interesting drapes and poufs with the ends of scarves.  This one was no exception!
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

Hope you are all doing well!  Are there any new looks or ties that you’ve been experimenting with?

Warm & Connected

There is something just so… warm about this wrap!  The soft fabric just works and something about it feels so natural!  I can’t put my finger on it, but I know this is one of my new favourites that will be worn again and again!

Wrapunzel Tichel Andrea Grinberg

Have you ever had that happen to you?  Have you ever created a wrap that is just so *you* and you can’t quite figure out why?

A Softer Black and White

I always find black and white combinations a bit stark on me… but am realizing that the contrast can be softened with pretty patterns, intricate designs, and soft textures.

Oh, and the “pin”?  Clip on earring.  Yep.  Works incredibly!
(Thanks to my friend who made the recommendation!)

andrea grinberg wrapunzel black white


Moving update: we are in the middle of our move currently (at a rest stop right now) and should be in Baltimore soon!  Likely won’t have internet there for a bit which is why I’m making this post now.  Also, a few of you asked… no, we did not live out of boxes for 2 months because we had so much stuff to pack!  We actually have very little, as we were living in a studio apartment and are currently driving ourselves cross country in a teeny moving van.  However, for our last two months in Chicago, we were apartment sitting, so therefore had to pack up everything for the move beforehand!  Thank you all for your well wishes!