Wrapunzel in the Kitchen!

My husband snapped this photo as I did dishes at the end of a busy, magical day.  I was very happy with this outfit choice!  (Earlier in the day I was wearing a shorter light blue skirt, but switched to the grey later for cello playing!)
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

The tichel I wore was a happy experiment!  I am really enjoying using pins to create interesting drapes and poufs with the ends of scarves.  This one was no exception!
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

Hope you are all doing well!  Are there any new looks or ties that you’ve been experimenting with?

8 thoughts on “Wrapunzel in the Kitchen!

  1. Karen Jolley

    Beautiful…as always! I have been wrapping since July…51 years old and enjoying my style more now than ever! More fun and creative than any hair style or color I’ve ever tried! I’d love to become a “Wrap Star”…I’ll send some pictures soon! ~~ Karen


  2. Question: Where did you get your skirt? I and several friends of mine live in the Midwest and are having a horrible time finding a place for decent, simple, tznius style clothing. Anything you can recommend?


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