Wrapunzel in the Kitchen!

My husband snapped this photo as I did dishes at the end of a busy, magical day.  I was very happy with this outfit choice!  (Earlier in the day I was wearing a shorter light blue skirt, but switched to the grey later for cello playing!)
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

The tichel I wore was a happy experiment!  I am really enjoying using pins to create interesting drapes and poufs with the ends of scarves.  This one was no exception!
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

Hope you are all doing well!  Are there any new looks or ties that you’ve been experimenting with?

One Scarf – Three Ways!

I am so happy with this scarf!  It’s light, colourful, and can be worn in so many ways!  Depending on how you fold it before wrapping, it creates a myriad of layers.  During my recent trip to my brother’s wedding (!) I didn’t pack enough scarves to wear during the week (I had tons of scarves from the new Wrapunzel Store, but not for myself… go figure).  However, I did pack this one and made sure to wear it with different wrapping techniques.  Here they are!

Way #1 – Regal Wrap with Hanging Tail and teal colour at the front:
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

Way #2 – All tucked in Regal Wrap and navy colour at the front with a turquoise sash added for fun! (and husband 😛 )
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

Way #3 – Simple Elegance with pink pattern at the front and flower pin!
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

And yes, this is one of the scarves we will be selling!  Now tell us, what are some new scarf discoveries you have made lately?

Classic Layered Ponytail Tutorial!

Can anyone come up with a better name for this wrap??  I’m not a fan of the one I came up with above…

Here is the tutorial that you have all been waiting for!  This particular wrap is a match makers dream!  I know it’s sometimes hard to match tichels… but keep trying and don’t be afraid to incorporate something new into your wrap!

Goin’ Colour Crazy!

I have been experimenting lately with combining many textures and colours with lots of layers and twists.  It’s the kind of fun that I highly recommend trying out!

Here it is in magenta, navy and tan:andrea grinberg wrapunzel

And in candy colours and stripes:
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

And in pastel salmon, blue and white!
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

I am loving this look, and find that it really stays put all day (of course, you have to be wearing the proper equipment underneath).  What do you think of it?

Layers & Lace

I wore a skirt for the last day of Passover (a holiday in which we celebrate the splitting of the sea) that was mostly neutral colours with a touch of army green.  It took a while for me to figure out what to wear on my head to match – usually I match my outfit to my hair covering – but I was very happy with the result!

You can check out a tutorial on how to do this wrap here.