Layers & Lace

I wore a skirt for the last day of Passover (a holiday in which we celebrate the splitting of the sea) that was mostly neutral colours with a touch of army green.  It took a while for me to figure out what to wear on my head to match – usually I match my outfit to my hair covering – but I was very happy with the result!

You can check out a tutorial on how to do this wrap here.

17 thoughts on “Layers & Lace

  1. That is so beautiful. I also often use lace, or try to, but it gets really messy in the back. Can you do a tutorial on how you keep the lace in check, and so nicely wrapped around the tan?
    Thanks and huge fan! Tried the twist and WOW! New and amazing look.


    1. batshush

      In my experience, you need to wear a wide lace ribbon for the layer on top to keep it in place. At the back, after I tie it, I tuck the ends inside the folds of the tichels. If I have very long ends, I can sometimes brade them with “hanging tails”.


  2. LeeAnn

    Okay, this is one of my favorite! I would love it if you showed us how to do the whole thing with the same fabrics and all. And the tichel bling! That pin is really cool and goes well with your earrings. I love the different looks. I just need to practice more. The hard part is I feel as if it is all going to fall off my head half the time!


    1. I will do my best to make a tutorial… this one depends so much on the fabrics and just playing around with it. In terms of the falling off your head.. does it ever actually happen to you or do you just feel like it might happen?


      1. LeeAnn

        No, so far I haven’t had one fall off completely. I have had one start to slide off but I was at home so it was okay. It was when I first started to wear tichels. But now they just feel like they are going to, although I have had them sometimes come undone and that is embarrassing if no one says anything and then I wonder how long I was walking around with it that way before I discovered it. I am trying to make sure that I tuck the ends well and I am started to check periodically with my hands to see if all is well.


  3. Anna

    Could you post pictures of some of your whole outfits so that we could see how they match?
    I always like my clothes and headcoverings to match, too!


  4. Alicia

    Yaffa! BTW, where do you get your long sleeved t-tops? I’m having trouble finding them long enough! Also, not too tight as I have an ample figure and don’t want to give away any “secrets”, if you know what I mean. Suggestions?


    1. Honestly, I wish I knew. I find them when I’m lucky… sometimes old navy has good ones as well as target. I wish I knew of better places! There is a brand called “kikiriki” that I hear is great, but pricey from what I know. Give it a search online!


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