Classic Layered Ponytail Tutorial!

Can anyone come up with a better name for this wrap??  I’m not a fan of the one I came up with above…

Here is the tutorial that you have all been waiting for!  This particular wrap is a match makers dream!  I know it’s sometimes hard to match tichels… but keep trying and don’t be afraid to incorporate something new into your wrap!

12 thoughts on “Classic Layered Ponytail Tutorial!

  1. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial!

    I’d call this Butterfly Twist, as those little ends at the back somehow remind me of butterfly wings, and those bright colours all mixed together also look pretty much butterfly-ish, reminding one of summer right in the middle of autumn.


  2. Esti

    This is absolutely beautiful. (as are you). No name for it, just a question. Your scarves seem to be miles longer than mine (or maybe I just have a fat head 🙂 ) How long is the base scarf in this video?


  3. Rae

    I would call it Layered Ponytail, seems to most succinctly describe what it is. thanks for taking the time to explain how this was done. I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out from the pictures. I usually find that more than two scarves on my head is just too much fabric, I am very small and don’t have a big head and very little height so it’s just overkill but I think if I can find thin enough scarves, it might work, or just use a sash for the third one. Also since you were talking about weight of fabric and headaches, even the volumizer alone has a tendency to give me headaches but I keep trying to wear it when my head isn’t feeling so vulnerable in the hope that I will thereby stretch it out a bit and make it less tight. but though it’s a tight fit around the elasticated band the actual bun part of it doesn’t fit very close to my head, because my head is small maybe and just flops around in the back so I actually get better results with an israeli tichel tied with ends tucked in but that results in a very low bun, any ideas how to get it higher?


  4. Rae

    so I tried it and it looked great and was surprisingly comfortable. I used a teal stripey scarf as the base, a lacy black sash in the middle and lastly a deep teal israeli tichel folded as the top (to avoid the heaviness of three long scarves) and a brighter contrasting sash to tie a bow in the back. It was pretty easy to pull off I encourage everyone to try.


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