12 thoughts on “Lots of Layers!

  1. Kimberly Burns

    tutorial, please? I can kind of see it, or at least I think I can, but I am still super new at this and when you show these step by step it takes so much of the guess work out! this is cute, looks simple without being plain at all, and I would guess depending on the scarves and accessories used it could look much more glamorous for special occasions


  2. Eliana

    I have one very old scarf like this. I wear it all the time; it’s light weight and breaths easily. My problem is how worn out it looks now. I would love to buy another one, but the one time I found one in a store, it was snagged too badly for me to even consider. I’ve seen others on places like eBay, but they are way too expensive. Any ideas where I could find another one/others could find their first scarf like this?



  3. Kimberly Burns

    I found a similar one at a Clarie’s Boutique in a local mall, they had grey w multicolors and white w multicolors…I chose the grey, it is shot through with so many colors like a rainbow…it was about $16.00 ( which is more than any other one I have ever bought!) but it goes with so many things and it IS very light and breathes well, so I was thrilled I found it!


  4. LeeAnn

    Oh, please a tutorial! I have fun trying to figure them out, but then fail miserably. I am compiling a picture file of all the tichels that I see that I like and then I am going to attempt to do them when I become more proficient.


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