11 thoughts on “Simple Green

  1. lzbthcldwll

    I know you have said before how a scarf sits can change the shape of a face. It would be really interesting to show 3 or 4 people with distinct face shapes – round, long, square… wearing the same scarves in the same ways to show how it enhances some… and well… sometimes does not. LOL


    1. LeeAnn

      I really like this idea also. I struggle with what looks good on me as I am still learning to wrap different styles. There are those that I really like and wear anyways versus those that look better on me.

      I also struggle with what size of scarf to purchase at times. Sometimes I think I am getting one long enough to use and then discover that it isn’t quite long enough to do the wrap that I would like to do with it.

      Andrea, is it possible to get an idea from you the sizes that you find most beneficial to use with some of your styles?



  2. Kimberly Burns

    I cant wear the low buns, I don’t have that nice long neck line so I am always almost knocking my own wrap off!!! But I do love how , even though this is so simple it still looks elegant and beautiful 🙂


  3. LeeAnn

    Oh I think that would be lovely if we could add tichel bling/accessories to the list of where to find/buy them. Batsheva, would you be willing to have Andrea post your contact information on the Shopping Recommendations part of the site? And do you have pictures available so people can tell you what they would like to purchase from you? That would be lovely.


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