Today’s Special: The Classic Braid

I’ve found myself in a bit of a “need to always create something new!” hair wrapping rut.  It seems that in my quest to create fresh and inspiring hair wraps, I have forgotten to continue rocking the classic “Andrea” wraps that I have created in the past.  Also, most of you on this new site haven’t even seen these wraps yet!  So, today I decided to wear a classic single braid with a cute butterfly pin.  This wrap was one of my first tutorials that I made, and you can find it here.

That’s a Wrap!

After a lovely day, my hubby and I going out tonight to say goodbye to a close friend who is leaving town.  Here is what I’m wearing on my head!

This is actually just one gauzy long scarf (just one?!  Yes, I’m going casual) – wrapped in the way that I showed in my recent pashmina video.  Finished it off with some silver hoop earrings and I’m ready to go!  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

THE Simplest Long Scarf Wrap!

Ok – this one is for when you are pressed on time but still want to look awesome!  The wrap is almost the exact same as the “Royal Twist”, except… no twist!  This works with all kinds of long scarves… thick, thin, longer, shorter, silk, wool, textured, smooth, solid, or patterned.  This is my current go-to wrap, and can be done super fancy or casual, depending on the scarf you choose.  Enjoy and happy easy wrapping!

(Yep, half my earring came off in the middle of this video, though I didn’t figure it out at the time… no worries, it is fixed!)

Pashmina Tutorial :)

Ahh… the illustrious pashmina.  So soft, warm, and elegant.  Most ladies who live in climates that dip below 10 degrees Celsius own at least a few of these to keep cozy in the winter months.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could wrap them on our heads as well?

However, sometimes using pashminas as headscarves can leave us with residual feelings of itchiness, slippiness, manuverability complicatedness… and most of all… that dreaded BULKINESS.  Now, I for one admire those rare women that can pull off a wide and volumous pashmina wrap, but it takes a lot of guts and the right face shape.  So where does that leave the rest of us?

Have no fear, Wrapunzel is here with a pashmina video tutorial!

Pashmina Love!

Hello Everyone!  Today I am rocking a pashmina scarf, wrapped in a “Regal Wrap” style.

regal wrap turban wrapunzel        IMG_8305


Many of you have written, requesting a tutorial specifically devoted to pashminas, especially on how to make them look less bulky.  Bli neder, I will be making a video tutorial all about pashimas tomorrow!  Today I decided to experiment with some styles in preparation for the video, and here is what I wore out of the house from morning til night!

I hope everyone had a lovely day ❤