We want “Lady Wrapstars”!

The search is on!  We are looking to showcase other faces!  This site is going to be geared towards women from all sorts of backgrounds, colours, faiths, shapes, styles, and personalities.  So… do you love hair wrapping?  Or does someone you know wear fabulous, creative hair coverings?  Send an email with photos and we will make a feature post starring our guest “wrap star”.

Some other updates:
~ If you haven’t already, check out the Wrapunzel Facebook Page and give it a “like” to receive updates and give your input!
~ If you want to write to me privately, my email is andreaesthergrinberg@gmail.com – drop me a line and say hello!

~ What do you think, so far?  How do you like the layout of the site, the archives from andreagrinberg.com (are they easy to look through?), the accessibility, sharing, photos etc.?
~ How do you like the posting style?  I know there haven’t been any substantial posts yet other than the hair wrapping workshop, but what do you think of the daily wrap?  Is it too much to do daily?  Do you think I should do it once every other day instead?
~ Anything else?  Many of you have already submitted great ideas about what you would like to see on here… but if you haven’t asked your question or given your ideas yet, now is the time!
~  Do any of you know of any forums where I should be sharing this site?  I know there are a lot of hair loss support groups out there, as well fashion forums, and other faith groups.  However I don’t know where to start looking.  Please, share your suggestions with me.  There are for sure many people out there that could really use Wrapunzel.

… and of course, the daily head wrap:
teal sunflower wrapunzel head scarf

For this style, I wrapped a long striped scarf around my head, with one tail longer than the other.  Then I tied a sparkly black sash around my head, and wrapped the longer tail around my bun, tying it to the shorter end.  A pewter sunflower pin tied the look together 🙂

31 thoughts on “We want “Lady Wrapstars”!

  1. Well I for one am in LOVE with this blog 🙂 I will be sure to share some of my photos as well…. as a matter of fact I shared one on FB earlier – I will share it on your FB page in just a minute 🙂


  2. You should reach out to hijabis! It would be cool to get a conversation going between Muslim and Jewish ladies who cover their hair.


  3. Hey girli! I (duh) love your site. I think it might be more practical to organize your tutorials by scarf type or complexity, rather than by the type of tutorial (written, video with music, video with talking…). I’m not so sure people are going to search based on the type of tutorial. I think the thought process is usually more like, I have X Y Z scarf types, what can I do? or, I need something easy/fancy/classic, what options do I have? Reorganizing your styles by difficulty/fanciness level or materials needed might help people find what they need more quickly! (The odds and ends like Glasses or Storage could go under a separate tips/tricks category). Just my few cents, I will read it all either way ;-)!


  4. thanks again for all your ideas! Many of us like to work out, do you have any tips or suggestions for hair wrapping for the gym or an aerobics class like Zumba? I usually go with a tube-style cotton underscarf, and then top it with a lightweight cotton tichel and it seems to stay fairly well for my hour work out. I don’t use my velvet band so it doesn’t get gross and sweaty ;), the underscarf absorbs any sweat and is totally machine washable.


    • I personally have a velvet headband that is specifically for exercise (aka one of my old ones) and I find that wearing that with a lightweight cotton scarf on top (tied into a bun or with the ends hanging) works really well! I wash the velvet headband with no problems and it also absorbs the sweat. I find wearing scarves for working out is great because it really keeps the hair out of the way and absorbs sweat.
      Thanks for the cotton tichel suggestion! I will be giving that a try!


      • tha’s a great idea. I do have a headband i use mostly for ‘yard work’ days because its kind of stretched out, i think i will add that to the mix when i go to my workout class on Tuesday. I love wearing scarves for working out for the same reasons, i seriously disliked trying to keep a scrunchie in and hair out of my face before i started covering my hair. now my scarves keep it neat and tidy no matter what i’m doing on any given day.


  5. I have always found thick pashmina scarves to be challenging. I’d love to see some ideas on how to handle those!


    • i have a thinner cotton pashmina that i wear on occasion. I fold it about 1/4 to 1/3 lengthwise so it fits from hairline to neckline, and then tie it with one end shorter. I wrap the long end around turban style and then tuck the shorter end in from there leaving fringe haphazardly tucked in (which i think is cute hehe), don’t be afraid to use a couple straight pins to secure it if you need to. I have a couple of bigger scarves that i like to wear when i feel fancy and i always pop a couple straight pins in to make sure it stays secure, no fun re-wrapping in the middle of an event! I will see if i can find a pic to email Andrea.


  6. Also – I’ve found that scarves often interfere with head movement, especially at the nape of the neck. Tips on that problem would be very helpful!


    • i have neck tension issues so i have to be very careful how i tie and wrap. I found a good foundation really helps such as a volumizer like Andrea wears, or even wrapping one of my ‘washing machine fail’ scarves around a high ponybun and a good gripper like the velvet band keeps even my heavier wraps where they belong. I try to stick to the very lightweight scarves like the lurex Israeli scarves and the long oblong ones because they form smaller knots in back compared to the big square plain cotton ones, which i now tie with the knots on top ’40’s style because its more comfortable for me.


  7. I started out using nothing. Then, Taycia recommended the velvet band, and I like it, but it tended to move a bit now and again. I guess I have a weird head. Now, I wear a volumizing underscarf by itself and that holds everything in place. I can tie it just right.


      • i wear the velvet band out of habit because i like my scarves back a bit, but if i put it down further on my forehead it doesn’t slip very much at all. I loved the Judith de Paris volumizer, but the cost was always prohibitive for me and i just happened to come across those while looking for pretty scarf accessories on ebay one night.


  8. It can take up to 14 days for it to get to you, but i’ve been super happy with mine so totally worth the wait for overseas shipping haha


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