Beginner’s Guide and Shopping Advice!

You asked, so here you go!

I have added a new page, called The Beginner’s Guide, with a video devoted specifically to beginners, and links to the most simple wraps on this site.  Check it out!  There is some good advice even for those that have been wrapping for a while… it’s always important to review the basics!

And also as per request, I have added a new section for those of you that want to share shopping advice, recommendations, and questions.  I will be adding my own as well to the page (and will update occasionally), but for now you can start off by adding your recommendations in the comments section.  Thank you for helping us find beautiful scarves!

Grateful :)

There is something important that I would like to say, probably the most important thing I have said on Wrapunzel since creating the site:

“Thank you.”

Yes, you!  Over the last few days, I have received an overwhelming amount of love and response from this community.  It has been much more than usual, and is the reason why I am going through my days with a perma-smile!  These messages, comments, and emails have given me so much strength and encouragement.  It is amazing how much love and blessing I can feel through your words, and I thank you for giving so much of your love to me and the others on here!  It has made me reaffirm how much a site like this is needed in the world, and I am so grateful to have been given the tools to run it.  I am also glad to announce that over the past two days, Wrapunzel has achieved the highest number of daily site visits since its creation… wow!  Thank you so much to those of you who have been sharing the site.  I would have never guessed that hair covering could help build so many bridges and create so much love!

On Saturday night, I has the opportunity to teach a hair wrapping class to the largest group of women that I have taught!  The particular one was for a group of Sephardi women, and it was a wonderful experience.  I made new friends,  learned a lot, and am looking forward to doing many more events like this in the future.  If you have any ideas of places that could use hair wrapping classes, I would appreciate the connection.  I especially want to reach out to health centers in order to offer classes to ladies who are dealing with hair loss… I know that feeling beautiful during rough times can do wonders for self esteem and healing.

Anyway, I digress.  This post is about gratefulness and yesterday I received the most exquisite gift;  Batsheva, our “Lady Wrap Star” from the Golan sent me a package in the mail.  I opened it and after her beautiful note made me tear up, I discovered that it contained beautiful jewellery and hair covering accessories that she had made by hand!  I had no idea that she was such an artist, but now that I look back at her photos, I should have guessed!  She apparently used to sell them but does not do so anymore… but I’m thinking we should encourage her to start up again because these are gorgeous (she did not ask me to make this post, but I got her permission – her creations are just too beautiful not to share)!  I am especially inspired by her “Tichel Tiara” (the one in a spiral – it’s not a necklace), that is adjustable and will not cause pulling like the other headbands I use.  Can’t wait to wear it!  Here is what she sent me:

So, I want to wear them all at once, but since I realistically can only wear one pin with earrings and a necklace, here is today’s wrap!

We want “Lady Wrapstars”!

The search is on!  We are looking to showcase other faces!  This site is going to be geared towards women from all sorts of backgrounds, colours, faiths, shapes, styles, and personalities.  So… do you love hair wrapping?  Or does someone you know wear fabulous, creative hair coverings?  Send an email with photos and we will make a feature post starring our guest “wrap star”.

Some other updates:
~ If you haven’t already, check out the Wrapunzel Facebook Page and give it a “like” to receive updates and give your input!
~ If you want to write to me privately, my email is – drop me a line and say hello!

~ What do you think, so far?  How do you like the layout of the site, the archives from (are they easy to look through?), the accessibility, sharing, photos etc.?
~ How do you like the posting style?  I know there haven’t been any substantial posts yet other than the hair wrapping workshop, but what do you think of the daily wrap?  Is it too much to do daily?  Do you think I should do it once every other day instead?
~ Anything else?  Many of you have already submitted great ideas about what you would like to see on here… but if you haven’t asked your question or given your ideas yet, now is the time!
~  Do any of you know of any forums where I should be sharing this site?  I know there are a lot of hair loss support groups out there, as well fashion forums, and other faith groups.  However I don’t know where to start looking.  Please, share your suggestions with me.  There are for sure many people out there that could really use Wrapunzel.

… and of course, the daily head wrap:
teal sunflower wrapunzel head scarf

For this style, I wrapped a long striped scarf around my head, with one tail longer than the other.  Then I tied a sparkly black sash around my head, and wrapped the longer tail around my bun, tying it to the shorter end.  A pewter sunflower pin tied the look together 🙂