Too Much Volume: Is There Such a Thing?

My dear friend, Judith, from Judith de Paris, sent me a volumizer to try out and give my feedback.  It is a long, stuffed, velvet tube, that you wrap around your bun like a snake.  I was quite intrigued, and the results were certainly interesting!  The snake didn’t create that uniform, round volumizer look that I’m used to, and it created a LOT of volume!  For me, it almost felt like too much, but I’m sure it’s a look that I will want once in a while.  The snake also took a while to wrap, which was more time-consuming and requiring or wrapping skills than the regular volumizer that you just slip on.

The first time I wore it was over Shabbat day.  These photos were taken late in the evening, and the wrap stayed put for the whole day!  I found this surprising because it really looked like there was a lot of weight at the back of my head, but it did not budge!  I even took a two hour nap during the day!  I wore the snake with my bun a little lower than usual, so the volume was lower down.  What do you think?


The second time I wore it was yesterday, and I wore my bun a little higher.  I really liked the effect that was created, but again, it was much more volume than I am used to.  Do you think there is such a thing as too much volume?  Do you have any suggestions for ways to wear such a large volumizer?  Share your thoughts in the comments section!

We want “Lady Wrapstars”!

The search is on!  We are looking to showcase other faces!  This site is going to be geared towards women from all sorts of backgrounds, colours, faiths, shapes, styles, and personalities.  So… do you love hair wrapping?  Or does someone you know wear fabulous, creative hair coverings?  Send an email with photos and we will make a feature post starring our guest “wrap star”.

Some other updates:
~ If you haven’t already, check out the Wrapunzel Facebook Page and give it a “like” to receive updates and give your input!
~ If you want to write to me privately, my email is – drop me a line and say hello!

~ What do you think, so far?  How do you like the layout of the site, the archives from (are they easy to look through?), the accessibility, sharing, photos etc.?
~ How do you like the posting style?  I know there haven’t been any substantial posts yet other than the hair wrapping workshop, but what do you think of the daily wrap?  Is it too much to do daily?  Do you think I should do it once every other day instead?
~ Anything else?  Many of you have already submitted great ideas about what you would like to see on here… but if you haven’t asked your question or given your ideas yet, now is the time!
~  Do any of you know of any forums where I should be sharing this site?  I know there are a lot of hair loss support groups out there, as well fashion forums, and other faith groups.  However I don’t know where to start looking.  Please, share your suggestions with me.  There are for sure many people out there that could really use Wrapunzel.

… and of course, the daily head wrap:
teal sunflower wrapunzel head scarf

For this style, I wrapped a long striped scarf around my head, with one tail longer than the other.  Then I tied a sparkly black sash around my head, and wrapped the longer tail around my bun, tying it to the shorter end.  A pewter sunflower pin tied the look together 🙂