Wedding Wrap :D

It’s not every day that one of your best friends gets married!  Yesterday I had the joy of attending the wedding of my dear friend, who also happened to be the shomeret (Jewish equivalent of maid of honour) in my wedding!

Of course, for such a special wedding, I needed to create something special to wear on my head.  Here it is!

wedding wrap wrapunzel pink black


Here is a slightly better view from on top:

wedding fancy wrap wrapunzel

To do this wrap, I took two long scarves (pink and sparkly black… pink is one of the bride’s favourite colours!) and wrapped them asymmetrically around my head so the tails hung one longer than the other.  Then I took the longer tails and wrapped them around my head, tying them to the shorter ones.  This look was completed with a beautiful headband, that was actually given to me by the beautiful bride before my wedding day.  Mazal tov!

10 thoughts on “Wedding Wrap :D

  1. Chanah

    One question: is this technique closer to your “Under/ Over” wrap video or your “Flower Bouquet” video? Thanks.


    1. Hi Chana! It’s much closer to the over/under wrap… except both scarves are tied in the same way (with one end longer than the other) and both brought over the head. I actually secured it with a hair elastic.


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