Pashmina Tutorial :)

Ahh… the illustrious pashmina.  So soft, warm, and elegant.  Most ladies who live in climates that dip below 10 degrees Celsius own at least a few of these to keep cozy in the winter months.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could wrap them on our heads as well?

However, sometimes using pashminas as headscarves can leave us with residual feelings of itchiness, slippiness, manuverability complicatedness… and most of all… that dreaded BULKINESS.  Now, I for one admire those rare women that can pull off a wide and volumous pashmina wrap, but it takes a lot of guts and the right face shape.  So where does that leave the rest of us?

Have no fear, Wrapunzel is here with a pashmina video tutorial!

23 thoughts on “Pashmina Tutorial :)

  1. Hey Andrea. I saw the link to this on my homepage for FB and thought I’d check it out. I never really knew you could do so many beautiful things with scarves!


  2. jean selman

    I want to thank you for this wonderful video on Pashmina shawls. I can now wear mine. It will take a while…but your video will help me perfect this art.
    I have a couple questions..if I may?
    I am a real new-bee to covering, I am a Mormon, they don’t cover at all, but I find its a great addition to my home made dresses . Do you have any areas on your website where women who are beginners might be able to chat and find other women who cover . I am in a mountain valley area in USA of about 20,000 people and I am the only one that surely would be great to find other women of my mind set to somehow associate. Is there a chat room where we all could chat together? And be able to chat with you as well?
    2# you seem to have a nice form fitting black cap. Mine seems to be too small and with a Velcro opening in the back…it always seems to be creeping off even when I place it behind my ears,. Is there a cap that form fits like yours. I think my major problem is that this cap is creeping off so much… I cannot really get a good wrap going.
    3# I seem to be inching my way to a head ache, am I doing something wrong? I realized that it needs to go behind the ears and then the over wrap goes over the top of the ears… this something that will slowly go away or am I doing something wrong?
    Thank you for being there for us. Your name will be well known in many households around the globe……for showing all of us how its done correctly…and thank you!
    jean selman


  3. jean selman

    ps again…..
    Could you please tell me where can one get the kerchiefs that are a large square and the long oblong shape that you use?..they seem to be more appropriate in wrapping, what are they each called…..jean


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    1. milkweeds

      when I have a Pashmina and its too wide giving all that bulk, I just cut about 7 inches off the width…and its alot smaller.Putting a real sheer scarf under it will prevent any spots of hair being visable.
      Pins will really help, all those tiny cloth ends can be pinned up and dangle some frill instead of trying to stuff it on the sides

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      1. milkweeds

        I dont leave it raw edged because it will cause the fibers to break down…what can be done is serge it with a matching color…or just fold over about 1/4 inch and stitch with matching color. Everyone has a different measurement, so you really need to place it on your head where you feel comfort, and have someone mark it in the back as where it should end… wrap properly. I am also giving a starling revelation on wrapping on this page…..I would put it here but I dont think everyone would see it….but this refers to pressure and weight on the head…and headaches…


  5. Sofia

    I would like to have extra bulk in the front bc i have a big head and want to look smaller in comparison to the scarf. any tips for that or a video? Thank you!


  6. milkweeds

    Pressure, headaches and tightness from wrapping
    For those of you who have thin hair or very straight hair, I found getting a tight perm and then wrapping loosely allows the wrap to lay on the curly curles and off the skull…a bun above the crown and loosely put ,helps in bearing the weight.

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  8. Diane

    Thanks for that tutorial I am going to try all four. I don’t have a lot of hair for a bun, does it matter if I have a bun or not to wrap my hair using the wrapping techniques you show.


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