Today’s Wrap

I’m feeling colourful today!

wrapunzel colour scrunchie silk scarf


Yes, that’s a scrunchie that you see holding this silk scarf in place.  First time wearing a scrunchie since the age of… 8?  Well, with this scarf, I think it looks cute as a side “ponytail”!  What do you think?

Here is a view from the side:


7 thoughts on “Today’s Wrap

  1. I could never wear scrunchies, in my hair- they always slipped right out.

    I now own a couple, because around a scarf, they stay and offer a small punch of color or change of mood that really works. I put them around buns, more often than around “ponytails” though- I tried, and it looked a little too 1980s. You’ve pulled it off gorgeously.


    1. Maya, I also never owned scrunchies for the same reason! I just got some on a whim during the weekend and am really enjoying them. Will definitely try putting one around a bun – thanks for the suggestion!


  2. taycia yockim

    oh i love that look! I have a couple of really nice scarves that don’t ‘tie’ well that i may try this with for a quick on if im running behind on the way out of the house.


  3. very cute! love it!! you always wear the cutest stuff. I sometimes don’t put as much time into my wraps, as they just get “tossed on” , oh well, sometimes salads are fantastic, right?


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