Hats hats hats!

Yes, I know this site is all about scarf wrapping, but I have been meaning to make a video about hats for a while, as many of you have requested it.  I don’t wear them often, so therefore I have some questions for YOU!  Fellow hats wearers, what are your hat tips and tricks?  I do have a number of hats that I wear when running out of the house and/or when I want a change from scarves (or extra warmth).  Here are some that I’ve worn recently!

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And now, here are some hat questions for you:
– Is it possible to eyeball hats and know how they will look without uncovering your hair in the store (goes for online as well)?
– What do you wear underneath, if anything?
– How do you make the back of your head/bun part look good (aka not shlumpy)?
– Do you show any hair at the front?  I find that I really don’t like the way that I look when covering all my hair in my hats… so I show a very minimal amount (fine according to the Jewish law I follow).  However, I personally am not comfortable doing this, which is why I tend to avoid hats.  Advice?
– Accessories?
– Any recommendations on where to buy hats?

Also, please share your favourite hats!!

15 thoughts on “Hats hats hats!

  1. I wear a lot of hats because they’re easy and fast to put on when I’m running out the door (something I need with 9-month-old twins.) Here’s what I find about hats: Hats that fit too close to your head are usually not flattering unless you wear them with a fall. If you are going to wear a hat without a fall, the best kinds are roomy berets or cap-style hats. Sometimes cloche hats can look good as well but it depends on the fit. I almost NEVER buy a hat without trying it on first! You could end up with some real comfort issues or it may very well look much better on the shelf than on your head. With berets, I usually show a tiny bit of hair, with caps, I don’t show any. My favourite hats were bought at so many different places! Mostly New York, but some at random sales here in Toronto as well. My Mom also knits and crochets hats for me and they come out looking gorgeous, trendy and they’re super comfortable! I know people also find some pretty nice stuff at vintage stores or random boutiques. Hats are fun, easy and can be really stylish. Hope this helped!


  2. If I want to wear a hat but don’t want my hair to show, I put my hair in a low bun, cover it with a thin cotton scarf, and then put on the hat.


  3. If I want to wear a hat but don’t want my hair to show, I put my hair in a low bun, cover it with a thin cotton scarf, and then put on the hat.


  4. I very rarely wear hats on their own- most of the time I put a light scarf underneath so that I can take the hat off if I want to. Sometimes that works better than others. But most of the hats I have are brimmed hats, either felt or straw, and then I often run into the “where do I put my hair” problem. I have an idea to solve that one, but the lack of ability to deal with heat with most non-summer hats makes me antsy about them. But it’s one of my (very casual) goals to figure out, too…


  5. vera

    i wear hats in summer (cotton hats) and winter, anyway i always wear a light black tichel underneath. it helps for privacy in stores and it gives a “bun” look even if my hair is short! your hats in the pics are really pretty!!


  6. Myriam Feinberg

    I wear a lot of hats, mainly in winter, but also in summer (cotton hats).
    They’re easy to just put in, I don’t adjust them as much as scarves, and sometimes, I feel they look more…’professional’.
    I usually put my hair in a low poneytail and then attach the top of the poneytail to the top of my head with a flat clip (sorry it’s not so clear but can’t really explain). It makes my hair flat and works better than a sort of a bun that doesn’t look like a bun. I’ve never tried putting a tichel under because I usually find that the hat is ‘heavy’ enough.
    I usually leave a thin line of hair sticking out, or a bit more for beanie hats.
    I buy my hats everywhere, and sometimes I don’t try them on first (usually a mistake, sometimes I am lucky). But most of my hats are either from Parkhurst in Canada or Chirelle D in France. They’re fancy enough that I don’t have to accessorise but I’ve put broaches on plain berets to jazz them up.
    I’ll try and send pictures if I have time


    1. You are totally right about hats looking more professional. A simple neutral one with the right embellishments can look great even in a super corporate setting. Thank you! (And woul dlove to see those pictures!)


  7. Sari

    I wear floppy berets, Sometimes I tie a scarf around the top of a beret for a more “tichelly” look.

    I often fold my pony tail in half and fasten it, then I put a beret on so the bottom of the folded pony tail sticks out (a few inches), then I spread the hair around so it looks like I got a hair cut and have short, thick curls framing my face.

    I’ve also seen women wearing hats that look more like a “kippa bucharit”, with a braid hanging out and wrapped in a long scarf.


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