Shimmery Naomi Knot!

I’d never tried doing The Naomi Knot with a shimmery scarf before!  This just sparkled like nothing else!!  And whenever I do this wrap I can’t get over how intricate it looks… the tie is SO easy!

wrapunzel andrea grinberg naomi knot

I heard that a few of your tried the Naomi knot and didn’t have perfect results; watch the tutorial and make sure that one side is MUCH longer than the other (the shorter ends can be as short as possible) and tie your knots loosely so they go over your head!  In this one pictured I actually had tons of scarf left over!  Let me know how it goes for you!

Hugs and love!
xo Andrea


6 thoughts on “Shimmery Naomi Knot!

    1. If anyone doesn’t do knots in tichels on Shabbat then this one is a BIG no-no. However I do not poskim on this site and I have heard that some Ravs have said that braiding tichels is fine… but I personally do not do it. Many say that you can do double knots if it is helping you keep the mitzvah (ie keeping it secure) but this wrap does not fall into that category. Definitely ask your LOR and do this one before Shabbat comes in!


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