Sari Scarf Appreciation

This new sari.  The evening light.  The swishy skirt from Israel.  The lace.  The cowboy boots.  And cuddling with our kitty after being away for so long!  Bliss.

andrea grinberg wrapunzel

Here are some closeups of the wrap!  I would have never thought to put together purple and gray until I saw it in this sari scarf!  So soothing and rich!

And here you can see my fave clompin’ cowboy boots!

andrea grinberg wrapunzel

Wishing you all huge amounts of peace, understanding, beauty, love, and finding and giving light, wherever you may be.
Love, Andrea



13 thoughts on “Sari Scarf Appreciation

  1. lynnreedcrowder

    Yes…purple and grey…now I have both with your tichels! The last photo is magnificent…regal and serene. Very beautiful, Andrea. And very pleased to know you are home , safe and sound after being in the midst of terror.


  2. Stephanie

    Okay I’ve decided that your next post is going to display all the skirts that you bought in Israel. Or should I say….Pleeeease!
    Lovely post.


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