My Candy Violin Friend!

Having an online hair wrapping blog means that I get the honour of meeting the coolest, wonderful-est people!  Mirjam and I have been in touch for a while through email… she is a Jewish violinist from France… and yesterday she send me the most gorgeous and happy photo that I just had to share with all of you!

Candy violine 1

She’s wearing the Candy Swirls kit (with an added purple Shimmery – genius!) while playing her beautiful violin!  There is so much kedusha (holiness) in this photo and I hope it moves you as much as it moved me.

Here is a picture of Mirjam without her violin but looking all the kiddush Hashem that she is:
Candy braid 3

Thank Gd for the miracles of email and online-ness for helping us meet so many special souls!  Remember to keep making music with everything that you do ❤

Love, Andrea

5 thoughts on “My Candy Violin Friend!

  1. Mirjam

    Hy La! That would be so great to start a trio, but the only problem is… the distance! Well, maybe once I am coming to the US… I will let you know! For now, I have to finish my studies and get into my new job. All at the same time… But how knows? Maybe one day, we will meet together in Israel and play together! HaShem knows when! Love from the other side of the Atlantic! And thank you Andrea for giving me the honour of being a part of you blog, that’s so great from you!


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