Earthy Dreams

Rivka Malka recently talked me into getting this sari scarf… I was so unsure of it, but she had the foresight to see that it would match and pull together so much of what is in my wardrobe!  FYI ladies if Rivka Malka makes a fashion suggestion to you… listen!

I loved wearing this green, orange, grey (toldja the colours were weird!) sari scarf with this outfit yesterday.  It was a gorgeous day and my husband was more than willing to snap some photos for y’all!

Have you ever had some advise you or give you something that you weren’t sure about and then you ended up LOVING it?  It’s incredible how our friends can see potential in us that we don’t normally see!

Much love, Andrea xx

10 thoughts on “Earthy Dreams

  1. Chanah

    Everything looks great! (My favourite part of your outfit is the skirt!) Unfortunately, when someone gives something to me I’m not sure about, it is a struggle.When I am not sure of something it is for a reason. I have to instantly love something, or I just won’t love wearing it in the long run. (I am currently struggling with something now that I am not sure about. It’s beautiful, but I am not sure if it is me.)

    The closest I come is if I see something on a hanger vs. on myself, and am surprised that it worked so well.


  2. Mirjam

    That great! Actually, when someone gives me an advice, I love adventure too much to refuse to try something new! Sometimes I love the result, sometimes I don’t, but I still learnt something from it! Just try and don’t be shy! I ended up with a LOT of different styles and options I would have before, and I am happy to discover new things, the weirdest, the best (ok, maybe not to go to work, but at home, I can be crazy, it makes my husband smiles: he gets into this also)! Yeah, be crazy together, and you will have much more fun with fashion discoveries! Love!


  3. Cypora

    I need a close-up of the scarf! You look lovely from a distance though. My husband is the same with advice, if I listen to him about what to wear I always get compliments 🙂


  4. lynnreedcrowder

    Years ago I made a stunning ‘mod’ linen shift that was grey linen with elbow-length, wide chartreuse sleeves, also linen. I made it for a little boutique and it sold almost immediately….so your colors are a good combo and very sophisticated, I might add! Rivka is Right! Rivka Malka is Marvelous!


  5. lynnreedcrowder

    Ooooo….I ‘ve got a brown, tiered, cotton peasant skirt as well… I know another new look to make with it. Whooo hooo!!! ( It once belonged to my dear youngest sister, who passed away last August. So her ‘gift’ to me will receive an honorable Wrapunzel place in my wardrobing choices.) Bless you both for the good you do for us ladies…and thus the worlds we live in!


  6. lynnreedcrowder

    Dear Andrea…..DO pair your limey green top with a grey skirt of similar hue/intensity as the topand then see what happens! (If you don’t have such, then any grey….just give it a try…….and see what Rivka Malka thinks.) xoxoxox


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