Rivka Malka’s Funktastic Outfit!

Rivka Malka came over today to plan for our upcoming workshops/shows and I could not get over how awesome her outfit was!  Especially on this rainy day!  “What shows?” you may be asking;  well, we have 7 (maybe even 8!) planned between now and June 8th… craziness!  My next post will be giving those dates and places to you because you’ve asked, so sit tight, they’re acomin’!  ANYWAY, here’s what RM had to say about what she was wearing today:

“A cropped jean jacket is a perfect coverup for a shell that you might otherwise not feel comfortable wearing on its own!  I just got this one and I know it’s going to be a joy to wear this summer!  It really brings everything together!  And whomever said you can’t wear patterned tichels with patterned skirts?!  Just make sure that the color families are complimentary!”
andrea grinberg rivka malka wrapunzel

And here is what she had to say about her fantastic tichel:  “I really think the dandelion joy is the most underrated tichel.  I wear mine constantly [Andrea’s note: she really does!] and it somehow manages to do what both a flowered and geometric scarf can do, without really falling into either category!  It has so many colors that you can choose to bring out – I chose the pink today – and its movement and lightness is perfect for the summer.  I can’t get enough!”
andrea grinberg rivka malka wrapunzel

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome this woman is?!  Seriously… in awe!  Enjoy, y’all!!
xo Andrea

16 thoughts on “Rivka Malka’s Funktastic Outfit!

  1. I think you are both awesome. Being a newbie to the wonderful world of wrapping, I am delighted to have such beautiful role models (all the ladies, wrap stars, are very inspiring)


  2. Elisheva

    I can almost swear, she is my tichelmate, everything I can never know how to express with my wardrobe or tichels, it comes so natural and beautiful. …..
    Maybe in an other life. In the mean time I have her to get d some ideas hehe!!!!


  3. Wow…… I would totally wear this…. Rivka you are awesome, beautiful and fantastic. You are a ray of sunshine. That dandelion is going to be a part of my family soon 🙂


  4. First…it was fun to see your kitchen being used …..second..your tichel combo is so happy and love your skirt….glad you did the photo…it’s very useful for inspiration and direction in color combining.


  5. Well…you did it, Rivak Malka….you got me to buy a sleeveless denim jacket and three skirts for the summer…and now I will really need to get the daisy tichel from you! All on line tonight….mercy…such a buying spree! whee!


  6. Trippmadam aka (Tía) Paulina

    Wow…that’s lovely…reminds me of the bright headscarves my grandmother wore when she lost her hair because of chemotherapy. Thank you.


  7. Jodi Lindley

    Love it I have 2 orange and teal .thanks for the ideas .I was Jst thinking today we don’t c enough u.I thought u must be the shy 1.so hope 2 c u more.shalom Jodi :)))


  8. yona

    Perhaps a Wrapunzel store one day with outfits to match the hair things, I’ll
    be happy to help you open one, manage it and buy for it!! xx Yona


  9. Kat

    As much as the colours shine out, it is your personality, Rivka Malka, that shines through. Thanks for being such a blessing and inspiration! Your smile and love of life is contagious! 🙂


  10. Deborah

    I would never have been brave enough to buy that skirt. However, it looks great on Rivka! Maybe I’ll step out of my comfort zone next time I go shopping.


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