Sophisticated Wedding Wear!

Anyone looking for a more professional/sophisticated way to dress modestly and wear a tichel?  Look no further:

andrea grinberg wrapunzel

The above photo really doesn’t show how awesome this dress is; I rarely wear black but this one manages to be comfortably modest yet feminine and flattering.  I wore a pair of dark low heels with it.

And [drumroll] here is a closeup of the tichel!  I am really loving loving LOVING the double twist braid lately!  And I have a pretty wacky idea of an extreme variation on it which I’m gonna try tomorrow… stay tuned!!  But about this wrap: it’s incredible how similar colour families can make an intricate wrap much more subdued.  Of course, if the occasion were more business-y the headband necklace wouldn’t have been included… but this was for a wedding!

andrea grinberg wrapunzel

27 thoughts on “Sophisticated Wedding Wear!

  1. Yardena

    Lovely 🙂 my school has a ball next week, and I’ve been looking for a wrap to match the occasion, and now I reckon I’ve found one!

    Quick q, though: are the 2 in 1s longer than normal scarves? None of my scarves are quite long enough to make two braids that go all the way around my bun. Maybe I need to try a lower one…


  2. Andrea! It’s beautiful! I actually randomly stumbled on your double braid wrap the other night and rewatched it 😉 Wore it yesterday but everything was slipping due to the weight. It could be that I was using 4 heavy and full scarves/pashminas. Any suggestions? I think I need to start looking for some sparkly scarves too 🙂


      1. I just tried it again, and double braids are happily sitting on my head, not budging 🙂 I need to find thin scarves, I’m so often attracted to thick ones because they give me the big volume I like. Thanks Andrea!


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  4. Heather Marler

    Maybe it depends on the business as to whether one can wear headband accessories, but I’m a receptionist in a workplace where I’m the only Jewish person there and wear things like this after visiting this website 🙂 . I started wearing tichels over wigs after one of the men remarked that the sheitels were very distracting (he remarked that the style of the groomed hair was very eye catching and alluring by nature because they are indeed nicer than real hair much of the time – certainly nicer than mine). So… I went back to tichels. My boss knew I was Jewish and is very casual, so I just came in wearing a very discreet, dark colored one in a bun with no volumizer to see what he’d say. He looked funny for a minute but disnt say anything, so the next day I wore a more fancy/professional style. It’s been a coupme of weeks and I’ve started wearing headbands but no hanging material and it’s been great. I’ve noticed that I dress nicer (and more conservatively) with a tichel on and do more professional makeup, because if not it throws off the look of the tichel and looks frumpy oe thrown together. We even have clients come in who have given the scarves compliments. My last office job didnt really want us to wear tichels, but if a supervisor allows head coverings and you can put together something very clean and professional like the photos here, it can look very nice with office attire. The Wrapunzel styles are very pretty 🙂 .


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