Do the Shimmery 2in1 Happy Dance!!

Can I even begin to tell you how happy these scarves make me??  The Shimmery is my forever dream scarf (I’ve been wearing my gold one for YEARS!) and the 2 in 1s make all my braiding fantasies possible!   Here are two styles I’ve been wearing lately!  Woohoo!

First of all… the elegant double twist braid (with the ends tucked in instead of out) done with the 2 in 1s  – it’s never been easier!
wrapunzel andrea grinberg

And now my two current favourite Shimmery colours: Teal and Green!  Been doing a version of the zig zag criss cross with these!

I will say this again and again (and again!):  the MOST important part of tichel tying is having fun!  I am so lucky that I get to do this mitzvah of embracing my soul, marriage, and self worth in such a beautiful way every day!  Enjoy and let me know what you think!

23 thoughts on “Do the Shimmery 2in1 Happy Dance!!

  1. Donna H.

    Andrea I don’t think I have ever seen you in a more stunning head wrap than the first one! It is beyond elegant yet so simplistic! Apparently you are taking the tails and tucking them up and under down at the bottom. Breathless! Please tell what the length is on the 2 in 1s scarves…


  2. Beth

    I luuuuuuv me some THE Shimmery! They are so soft and long and beautiful and soooooooo much easier to wrap then some other scarves (here’s looking at you pashminas!) plus they are fancy shmancy (aka I wear then any ol’ day!) I’m with ya Andrea… THE Shimmery is THE Best!


  3. Kat

    How beautiful! I also absolutely love your wrap in the first picture – what colours did you use for it? Absolutely stunning and elegant yet simple.


  4. Rachel

    I agree, love the shimmery! I have three of them and want one in every color. In fact, I wore the white one today. It adds something extra special to even a simple scarf.


  5. Lauryn B

    These wraps look awesome!!

    I just got my 3 shimmery scarves a few days ago when I went to the relative I’d shipped them to in the US..I love them too! Which wraps that are in your tutorials would you recommend with them? The zig-zag doesn’t work for me (I thought so and you agreed when you tied it for me when you were in Toronto). So far I’ve done the Regal Wrap..
    Thanks for your help!
    Shabbat Shalom.


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  7. Andrea Smith

    Thank you so much for this blog My 98 year old grandmother passed away Thand giving 2014 and her signature my was a turban or headwrap. This is the extension of a healing process for me . AGAIN THANK YOU ….I pray blessings , peace ,love and joy flows freely in every area of your life .


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