Some Outfit Inspiration!

Here are 4 outfits that I wore recently that were perfectly enhanced by tichels!

I’m always asked how to match up patterned shirts with tichels.  “Is it possible to wear a patterened shirt with a patterned head scarf?”  The answer is yes!!  Just look for similar colours and flow, and you’ll look even more put together!

My favourite blue dress with a flowing blue scarf (a gift from Rivka Malka – and yes it will be a part of the store soon!), with pearls and a brown Israeli tichel for contrast!  Loved this one!

wrapunzel andrea grinberg

This next outfit was so much fun!  I was worried about putting all this texture together but the separate elements enhanced each other!  This photo was taken after a long day and in bad light, but you can only imagine what it looked like before!  The colours are so happy!
wrapunzel andrea grinberg

And last but not least, a photo from a recent concert… elegant and understated.
wrapunzel andrea grinberg

I hope this post shows you how tichels can help you do MORE with what you already have!  Let me know what you think and please keep sending in your requests!  It really helps me out!  Kol tuv ❤
Love, Andrea

20 thoughts on “Some Outfit Inspiration!

  1. LeeAnn

    Oh Andrea, so beautiful as usual. I really love the one that you posted first with the yellow, and the one from your concert is just stunning. Thank you so much for continuing to share.


  2. Lynn

    Andrea……please let me know what kol tov means….thank you! Lynn

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    “It is of great importance to set a resolution, not to be shaken, never to tell an untruth. There is no vice so mean, so pitiful, so contemptible; and he who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world’s believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all its good disposition.” –Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr, 1785


  3. goldielocksand3bears

    They are all stunning! My favorite is the concert photo, but they are all so beautiful. Hard to choose the best 😦 how about if I choose them all. Yeah 🙂


  4. Jamie Puffer

    All so beautiful! I can’t wait until that blue tichel is available. I have a feeling it’s going to be a best-seller! 🙂


  5. Victoria

    I’m taking up running to support my husband in his need to conquer some health issues.
    Also facing a summer near the beach.
    Any advice on tznuit, tichels and sports attire?
    Thanks 🙂


  6. Alisha

    With running, you’re going to want to wear something lightweight and breathable like cotton. No underscarf puffs, fake buns, or anything like that. They will all add weight to your head, which gets heavy and uncomfortable. If you need something extra to keep your scarf in place, a grippy headband like this will work:


  7. Stephanie Hannah

    Thank you so much for the outfit with tichel ideas. Just beautiful. I guess all my begging paid off. Mission accomplished.


  8. Hi Andrea ! I really like the second series of outfit (with the tichel with the twist), did you take a picture of the whole outfit, i’d be interested to see 🙂
    The picture with the cello is also really beautiful !
    Gut shabbes !


  9. Jen

    where do you get such lovely outfits! i hate shopping and ha e been putting of getting an outfit for an upcoming bar mitzvah in one week….any ideas…..


  10. SDK

    I would love to see more “elegant and understated”, because I am trying to figure out how to wear scarves in a professional environment. For myself, I love colorful and “ethnic” but it also draws a lot of attention to my appearance at a time when I need people to focus on my ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi SDK!! There are quite a few subdued photos on this blog if you take a look around!! I just am preferring more layers lately because it’s suiting my mood! But last year I often did an elegant solid coloured scarf with a pin 🙂


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