Today today!

Hi everyone!!!!  Here’s what I’m wearing today.  Thanks for all the enthusiastic responses to yesterday’s post – I will definitely show you more outfit combinations now!  Hope you enjoy today’s tichel as well.  It has a lot of texture and patterns (even for me, lol) but the darker, subdued colours make it work!

wrapunzel andrea grinberg

And if anyone is wondering about the weird earring placement accident, I invite you to take a guess about why I have two holes in one ear and one in the other!  (Hint: has to do with playing the cello!)

wrapunzel andrea grinberg

29 thoughts on “Today today!

  1. Lynn

    Andrea….since I don’t use facebook, I will comment here instead. I like the wearing of the New York Bright as your first layer….it seems you used three tichels…right? Anyway…I really like your cute picture and pretty subdued colors….and to see you wearing just one layer on top…it’s getting warmer outside! I used to be as slim as you…..just watch your scales daily as the weight can creep up on you and you start buying larger sizes….I don’t know why I let that happen to myself…..I just kept on eating as i did in my 20’s… stepfather said once that my weight will go up when my metabolism slows down….how right he was!!! haha I’m 70 now….April 2nd!!! In our local paper was an wonderful little piece about Anne Frank….and they had taken some sweet words from her diary dated April 5,(( I think ..or the 6th) 1944….to think i was a wee babe just born when she was hiding in her attic hideout… was chilling.



  2. You lean your head to the right when you play to make room for the cello neck on your left side. So your earrings will be even when you do so. Yes? 🙂


            1. Woohoo! Well I remembered having to take any dangly earrings out when I played my drum in marching band. Those carriers would catch anything, earrings, necklaces, etc. But I never would’ve thought of a second hole as a solution. Very clever. Lol


  3. Charity

    I would say the earring has a tendency to get caught on the cello so you move that ear ring for playing into the second hole on the other ear. Very clever.


  4. Ok the hint did not help me but, the combo is beautiful. I just need to mention how inspiring you are to me. In more than one way. Thank you for sharing. ❤


  5. Hi, many people have guessed about the earring holes. But I was wondering why they are in your RIGHT ear. Do you Yo-Yo Ma or Pablo Cassalls a lot? That is the only way I can see danglies (long earrings) getting into your strings or tuning pegs. I can see however a long earring getting caught on you clothes, especially if you are going for accented low C’s. Love your blog!
    Ps…Aliyah has been spirit changing and the non slip headbands are easily found here! :-).


    1. They’re in my right ear – the cello goes on the left side 🙂 So earrings easily clack against the strings and are very annoying (let’s not get into the issue of hoops). So I take my earring out of my left ear when playing and stick it in the extra hole so it doesn’t get lost! Only issue is that I usually forget about it and then walk around with two of the same earrings in one ear and none in the other 😛


    1. I wish I knew! This was from a friend who got it from a friend and it turned out to be too long on her… if I find out where to get skirts like this I will post!! I love it even though it’s almost falling apart!


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