Beautiful Celebration

At the beginning of this week, we celebrated the tremendous gift of being able to free ourselves from everything that binds us, and plant the seeds for a beautiful 49 days of growth and nurturing of the soul.  For our second year, my husband and I hosted Pesach seder, and though it was our first one without family, we felt as though everyone we love was with us.  13 people from every kind of different background, a beautiful table, probing questions, going on a wild journey that lasted until the early morning hours.  A miracle.

My husband bought me a gorgeous lace top (it’s traditional for husbands to buy their wives gifts before the holiday) which I wore with a silk skirt and matching tichel.  I loved the outfit so much that I insisted on running outside before candle lighting to take pictures for you!

My tichel was my lovely teal 2in1 with a teal Shimmery, paired with a piece of lace and enhanced with a pearl headband!  Earrings are also a gift from my husband.  You can’t really see in the photo, but the twist on the side is both scarves together:

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!  Sending you lots of love!!
Xo – Andrea

16 thoughts on “Beautiful Celebration

  1. wraptastica

    Ok. Besides the fact it is in the green color which is my fav but the lace is insanely gorgeous. Love. Love. Love!


  2. Lynn

    just so very lovely, Andrea….and loving gifts from your husband for the occasion. xoxoxo


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  3. Dearest Andrea, i love your whole outfit, you are so beautiful. I came looking for your blog because I have been watching your you tube videos like a crazy woman. I am Christian (LDS) but I have decided to try covering. I have read an immense amount about why to cover and I feel strongly that the Lord has gently guided me that way. Now I am looking in to how to cover. Which lead me to you. I would really like to know though about the black piece you wear under you scarves, please can you tell me what its called and what its made of and how does it stay on? I hope you don’t mind me asking.
    Have a wonderful week.


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