Holy Lace

Hello beautiful Wrapunzel ladies!  I hope you’re all doing well and those of you that are preparing for Pesach are managing to keep your sanity intact and your kavannah strong!  Here is what I wore for Shabbat!  I am totally loving this white lace scarf (my husband helped pick it out), and yes, for those of you wondering, we are working on getting it for the store!  The turquoise 2 in 1 is now one of my complete favourites – I actually decided to iron it for a concert last week and since then it’s been looking fancier than when it had the runches!

As you can see above, I wore my white cotton dress from Yom Kippur – I had no idea it would match the lace tichel so well!  My husband wears all white on Shabbat, so my outfit was picked out with love to match him, and also incorporating teal, my favourite colour.  It was a beautiful day here in Baltimore, and this outfit was perfect for our long Shabbat walk 🙂

All my love, Andrea

12 thoughts on “Holy Lace

  1. LeeAnn

    Oh my! Yes the lace tichel is beautiful and if you are able to get it for the store it would be awesome. What a lovely outfit for Shabbat. Shavua tov!


  2. Selina

    beautiful, as always! i wonder what you wear for your concerts? maybe you could write a series of posts about your concert tichel outfits? blessings!


  3. Elegant! That white scarf is beautiful! I actually just found one (it is more like a sash) that is half purple plaid half lace- it also had the fun fringe!



  4. Andrea, this is so incredibly beautiful. You look gorgeous… When you get them into the store Put one aside with my name on it. Also, don’t forget the wedding tichel. I’m so waiting for it. I continuously check the store and get sad when I see they have not arrived, hopefully you will get them in soon. 🙂


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