Naomi Rose: Black and White and Fabulous All Over


Recently in the Wrapunzel inbox, someone wrote to us with a conundrum: she had this beautiful dress, in a striking black-and-white floral pattern. But she never liked the look of either black or white tichels by her face. What else could she wear that would work with the dress?

I love this question, because it’s relevant to so many people. Lots of us like the look of a formal black dress, or a crisp white shirt under a black blazer, or a sassy stripy skirt. Unfortunately, many ladies (including me!) find that wearing a pure black or white (or black-and-white) tichel can feel a little harsh next to their skin tone.

Thankfully, there are some really good solutions! These are my favorites. I’ll demonstrate with my new stripy dress, and I’ve asked permission of a few other Wrapunzelistas to share their pics, too!

  1. Bold solid colors: Jewel tones and pastels
    Any bright pastel or deep jewel tone is a win with black-and-white. Ruby, teal, royal blue, purple, or emerald green are good jewel tones. If you look good in pastels, try a robin’s-egg-blue, bubble-gum pink, sherbert orange… you get the idea! Pick your favorite richly-colored scarf, add some sparkles, and you’re all set!
  2. Metallics
    Silver, bronze, or gold go with just about everything, and black-and-white is no exception. If you’re not feeling like a bright pop of color, a shiny silver might give you just the perfect solution!
  3. Use black or white (or both!) – but add something else. If you want your wrap to feel “matchy,” but plain black or white doesn’t work on you, you can still pull it off. The trick is to take a flattering bold color or metallic (as in #1 and #2), and add it into your wrap alongside the black or white. If black or white works by your face, you can add your pop of color over top of the black or white base scarf, as Wrapunzel Fangroup member Miriam Perl did here:
    If you don’t like the look of black or white by your face, you can use a flattering color as a base scarf, let some of it show right by your face, and work your black/white magic over top of that!
    For example, I like raspberry by my face more than black:

    And Wrapunzelista Shira adds a little white (or black-and-white!) to turquoise for a stunning effect!



Do you have a favorite wrap to wear with your blacks and whites? What tichel makes you feel fabulous when you pair it with your little black dress or suit? How about wrapping styles – tails or no tails? Share with us in the comments!!

Happy wrapping,


Naomi Rose

One thought on “Naomi Rose: Black and White and Fabulous All Over

  1. Tammy

    How did Shira do the wrap in the second picture, where it sort of twists down the one side????
    Please share! 🙂


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