The Perfect Fall Coverup!

I thought I loved ponchos before… but I never knew I’d love them this much!  These ones have such a flattering shape for every body type, and they’re snuggly too!  They’re lovely in the early hours of the morning when there’s just a little nip in the air, and when the sun goes down at night and you want something graceful and warm without changing your outfit.  They don’t take up much room so you can pack ’em away midday when the sun comes out or drape it over your chair for a comfy place to sit.

Silhouette Poncho Wrapunzel

At Wrapunzel headquarters, we’re having so much trouble choosing which of the seven colors we like best… the royal ones are gorgeous, but the neutral ones just match everything!  (Everyone should have our problems.)  We have no idea how the sequins were worked in so perfectly… usually sequins are a little to glitzy for my taste, but these are sewn in a way that offer the subtlest shine.  *sigh.

Silhouette Poncho Wrapunzel

There’s also an added perk for all you nursing mamas… these make the PERFECT nursing cover!  I was on the plane to Israel and of course it was cold, and it was so easy to nurse in the poncho while keeping modest.  No back exposure or pull down risks!  I never thought it would be so useful!

Silhouette Poncho Wrapunzel
Beautiful Devorah in Beautiful Blue
Silhouette Poncho Wrapunzel

Modelling these with my friend Devorah was such a treat!  She’s a true beauty, inside and out.  Doesn’t she look just like Snow White?  Snow White and Wrapunzel… hmmm 🙂

Silhouette Poncho Wrapunzel

From all of us at Wrapunzel, we hope you’re staying warm and enjoying the gorgeous fall weather!  May these ponchos help you feel loved, protected, and help you realize the infinite beauty that resides within you.

Silhouette Poncho Wrapunzel

All my love,

Andrea xo

(Oh!  I know you’ll be asking: Devorah is wearing the Shine On tichel, and I’m wearing Noteworthy with the Light and Shade headband.)

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Fall Coverup!

  1. I like your brackets . . . may everyone have your problems. Or at least, the problems mentioned in this post.
    Amen v’amen.
    Nice perspective . . . and of course, gorgeous pictures.
    (Do you have a professional photographer?)

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  2. I used to hate ponchos. They were all the rage in my country when I was a child. My mom and her friends and everybody else wore them every day and everywhere. But yours look so nice, I might try a poncho again.

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  3. Like Trippmadam, I was of the era when ponchos were all the range. They didn’t suit me then even though I nagged my mum to buy me one. Sadly the reason they didn’t suit me was because I am so top heavy and only 5ft I looked so dumpy and awful; nothing like in these photos you will be glad to know. You both look wonderful. The sparkly bits remind me of a midnight sky with stars.

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    1. abycinnamon

      A poncho was the very first garment I ever sewed. I think it was something like 5th grade and one of my friend’s mom was a master seamstress, so she taught a few of us a bit about sewing. Mine was a purple plaid and had a cream fringe. I remember liking it – but I’ve always been a purple person!

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  4. A problem I have had trying on ponchos is getting them past my head wrap. How do these enable the wearer to do it without messing things up and being too wide? I’d love at least one!


  5. abycinnamon

    They are great photos – and Andrea – I want your skirt!! I love the ponchos but I live in a place that is never, ever cold. This does not make me happy – we are looking to move when the financial stars align or whatever needs to happen in the universe for us to get out of the desert southwest. Thank you for beautiful photos and fond memories of the east!


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