Teal Shimmery Love!

So you all know how much love my teal Shimmery… so much that it got a hole from overuse!  I showed here what to do with a shimmery that gets a hole in it… and then treated myself to another teal Shimmery as a replacement!  So now I have one full, one thick sash and two thin sashes.  Guess what I did for Shabbat!?

That's right!
That’s right!

I am so excited about this wrap, and I can see so many possibilities emerging!  Imagine a gold, beige gold, and brown braid.  Or royal colors!  I’m half tempted to start ripping up my other shimmeries, but I will retrain myself… for now 🙂

... and check out this new pin!
… and check out this new pin!

As you can see, I’m making a concentrated effort this year to incorporate more white/cream into my wardrobe for Shabbat!  It’s difficult for me with the see-through factor and also wanting to not look like I’m in spa/sleepwear, but I am determined!  Check out this last photo of the wrap!  As you can see, in order:
– A half shimmery twisted
– Two quarter shimmeries, in a rope twist
– A full Shimmery tail, twisted
– 4 quarter shimmery tails, in a 4 way braid
– 1 full shimmery and 2 half shimmeries, in a regular braid

Teal Shimmery Wrapunzel

I loved this wrap most because it’s super fancy, but also not too loud.  It’s intricate, but only if you look closely!  And it really didn’t take that long to do!

Hope this idea inspires you and wishing you all a healthy, productive, safe, and inspirational week!
Love, Andrea

9 thoughts on “Teal Shimmery Love!

  1. Hassiba

    This is really very elegant, dear Andrea! Lovely. And I too LOVE teal, it’s such a gorgeous colour and so versatile. It suits you very well.


  2. I adore this, I have no idea how you’ve done it. I wonder what it would be like with 2 different colours. Could you use a white/cream shimmery with it as a way of including those into your Shabbat wardrobe. Could I ask the significance of wearing white on Shabbat. Big hugs xxx


  3. Very beautiful Andrea. I ordered a teal Shimmery (I’m sure I ordered the regular one and not the light teal) and it’s much more…electric green than blue. Not what I expected. Can you think which one I have and why it’s not like this one? I could really get into teal if it were bluer.


  4. I really love this and must say the thought has crossed my mind…hmmm should I make some shimmery sashes with my in perfect shape shimmeries?? I will hold off. But totally regret getting rid of an emerald green shimmery that had a hole in it.


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