Four-Strand Braid Rainbow!

This is one of my favourite outfits that I wore in Israel… the dress allows for so many tichel colour combinations!  This 4-strand braid always makes me so happy!!

… walking down the back streets in the neighbourhood of Geula:

And standing on the hill where my husband and I got married!  You can see the wall of the old city behind… such a holy place!

In these photos I’m wearing four 2 in 1s – I was out all day in the boiling heat and stayed quite cool!  I would, however, if I wanted it to be cooler, choose a style without so much hanging tail on the side… but it was super fun in the breeze!

Shabbat shalom, world!  (And Shavua Tov to those of you already in Shabbat that will see this afterward!)
Love, Andrea

20 thoughts on “Four-Strand Braid Rainbow!

  1. It’s funny you said that about the tails hanging out. All month long, I’ve caught myself tucking the tails in, and I think I was unconsciously doing it in response to the heat!


  2. Diane

    I love the look. What colors are you wearing? They look so great together. Cute dress and love where you got married. It has been a several years since I was in that area. My son, daughter in law and two granddaughters live in Tel Aviv.


  3. Jodi Lindley

    That is very pretty,I love the braid.but most of all I love the street.Jerusalem one day I will c u.when shar shalom returns.


  4. sari

    Love the colors of those scarves and the 4-strand braid! I was just trying to order some things but everyhing is not available… Was that due to the vacation? Hope the store is stocked up soon again. Absolutely love the tichels.

    Many greetings from Germany,



  5. LeeAnn

    So beautiful and I just love the color combination and your dress must be so fun to find different scarves to wear with it. So grateful you all all safe! Thank you for the lovely pictures. Someday I hope to be there. Shabbat Shalom!


  6. Stephanie

    Okay my lady. You have to show us all the outfits or pieces that you bought in Israel because I just KNOW you haven’t shown them all. I just LOVE your style. So feminine, so modest, so beautiful, and so functional all at the same time. And to actually shop and wear a skirt from Israel is one of my dreams!!!! Right now I have to live through you. Thanks for sharing.


      1. Diane

        In the video, you show the braid coming down, but I notice you brought the braid over the top of the bun in these photos. It would be great if you explained how you did the braid and brought it over the top with the ends appearing to fall free on the side of your head. Also, you mentioned using the 2in1s. What colors are they? I love how they seem to go together with the blue and greens.


        1. They are teal, olive, aqua, and seafoam green. That video I posted only shows how to do the 4 strand braid… this is a completely different tie! Will keep in mind to do a tutorial on it 🙂


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