Headaches B’gone! No more pulling, pinching, weighing down!

6 thoughts on “Headaches B’gone! No more pulling, pinching, weighing down!

  1. lynnreedcrowder

    first…I love the colors you have put together both in your tichels and your outfit….secondly…I do know the pain of migraines and can’t imagine how you coped while in school…..thirdly..your information for us all out here was very informative and useful for every headwrap….you answered some important questions so well…it was fun listening to your teaching!.Have yourself a fun and safe Memorial Day holiday!


  2. Thank you Andrea for the info, so good to know. I had actually found myself bunching and tucking my scarves at the nap of my neck.only did it not feel good, but it gave me a sick feeling. I have started to not tie every scarf, but just cross so over. Crazy I did a video of tying one and I was debating whether to tie the 2nd scarf or just cross it over underneath.I will take your suggestion of making sure i have upward motion instead of pulling down.


  3. Katharina

    Thank you very much for the video! I have a no-slip headband that is not from Wrapunzel and that is not very tight. Interestingly, it DOES slip (so I try to counter that by wrapping my scarves above it relatively tight, I guess); but maybe I should try to wrap more up and to the front. That is good advice! And maybe try a tighter headband… 🙂

    I am also not so sure what to do about my tichel shaper; I tie it as you said in the video, but it usually does wriggle on my head and moves too much on my head – I would like it to stay on firmer. Usually I tuck the front over so that it stays firmer on my head; however, I am not very happy with this solution. Any advice?


    1. Katharina

      I tried out to tie more “upwards” and to to the front – and indeed, the tichel does not slip anymore! Thanks so much for this wonderful advice!!! Besides, I don’t feel my tichel volumizer to wriggle around anymore. Wrapping also helps when I have a headache, but I guess every person is different. 🙂


  4. Naomi

    Thanks for all the tips! The one you gave telling which direction to place hands while wrapping was very helpful for me.

    I don’t own a volumizer yet; I’m still using scarves to do the trick, but I do own a velvet head-band. I don’t know what I would do without it! 🙂

    One thing that really helped me to keep the velvet head-band from slipping is that I use flat snap clips or bobby pins to secure it on either side of my head before wrapping. It holds beautifully for the entire day!
    (…and i don’t have to buy a new one when it becomes stretched out. :))


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