My tichel matches my… cello?

As I was playing today my husband noticed that my tichel matched my cello!  Well… not quite, but close enough!
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

Soooo I am wearing my two new favourite tichels from the summer line!  These ombre two in ones are so awesome!!!!  They’re very light and durable and I’m finding that adding one is like adding three new scarves without adding any bulk!  And this brown pashmina (we named it Andrea’s Brown because I’m so crazy about it) is just… so yummy!  I can’t even explain why I love it so much… it’s just such a special color!  And these pins – Rivka Malka and I had doubts about these… they actually aren’t so great off a tichel, but ON a tichel!  Wow!   Made for it! My husband says they remind him of grapes 🙂  They just add so much… very happy!

Sending so much love and happiness to all of you!!  Play on!
Love, Andrea xo

8 thoughts on “My tichel matches my… cello?

  1. Autumn colours suit you so well, Andrea. These are beautiful!
    Incidentally, would it be OK if I posted a link to Wrapunzel on my blog? I would love other people to benefit as I have done.


  2. Erin Hause

    This is gorgeous on you. You look wonderful in these rich, warm colors! And it does match the pretty glow of the cellos patina. ❤

    I can't wait to get my red/black ombre 2 in 1!


  3. lynnreedcrowder

    Where do I begin??!!! Love the wrapping, the cello, the pose, the colors, the lace top over the ruffled top and you are sitting similarly as did Audrey Hepburn with her cello in the very old movie, Love in the Afternoon….you must see it!!! And can you please sell me your lace top! Of course, it won’t fit…but at least i can enjoy looking at it….LOL!


  4. Donna Jo Miles

    You two ( Andrea and mr. Cello ) are perfect together.. can’t wait to order this scarf. It’s so beautiful…harmony


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