Photos of “The Crazy Beautiful” Wrap!

Here are some stunning photos that Rivka Malka’s daughter, Hadassa, took of “The Crazy Beautiful”!!  So happy to finally share them with you!!  How have your experiments with it been going?

andrea grinberg wrapunzel

andrea grinberg wrapunzel

It reminds me of all those intricate updos that ladies would do for weddings – except you don’t need hair extensions and hours or labor!  And no, it isn’t that heavy if you wrap towards your head instead of pulling down!  It’s actually quite comfortable and made me stand up straighter!

9 thoughts on “Photos of “The Crazy Beautiful” Wrap!

  1. Amanda

    I love doing this wrap with rainbow colors and including some shiny licious into it! Super fun, and I get lots of compliments on it too. Only problem I have is some of the fringe being hard to tuck in. I try to stretch out my braids, but it’s still a problem. Any suggestions from those that have tried it?


  2. Laurel

    Love it. Please show us how to do it with an upward (as opposed to downward) slope though. To clarify, so that the silhouette projects diagonally upward from the crown, not towards the nape of the neck. Thanking you in advance!


    1. Amanda

      My profile in this wrap is more straight back and not so much downward. It has to do with how you position your bun/shaper. I have found if I put my bun high on the back of my head, and put my wrapunzel shaper over it, the shape slants up. Hope this helps.


  3. Mirjam

    No, any suggestion, I tried it, but my scarves are obviously too heavy, i got a headick very quickly, so I had to take it off.. Andrea, how do you do it? Or are your 2in1scarves so light that wearing 6 at the same time does not make so much weight?


  4. It would be amazing if you “curated” a few sets of six 2 in 1s, like the kits. I like color, but am a little shy about mixing six (I end up getting a bunch of similar colors that blend well but don’t “pop”). They would be useful not only for this amazing style, but also for some of the two-and-three scarf styles. Just a thought. Thanks for your beautiful, inspirational creativity! Shabbat shalom!


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